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  1. yayme

    yayme New Member

    Hello, I'm new to android having recently left my iphone for the S3, and I'm hoping to get some help from the hive mind. I have an AT&T S3 (U.S)

    When someone sends me a picture it comes through as anonymous sender and in the message itself "message not found". This happens whether its from an iphone user or an android user.. I have already unregistered my old iphone, tried sms apps (they freeze or crash) and compared my settings to my husbands s3 (He rarely has this happen) none have fixed the issue.

    (I would post a screenshot, but its not allowing it since I'm new.)

    Any ideas/suggestions before I give up and just reset the phone, start from scratch and pray it works?


  2. MonkikiX

    MonkikiX New Member

    I have the same exact issue with the stock Messages app, ChompSMS and Go SMS Pro. I can only get maybe 2 out of 10 MMS messages. Just switched from iOS (since the original iPhone in 2007) to Android via Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T. Enjoying the switch so far aside from this annoying MMS issue. I've Googled the crap out of it and nobody seems to have a definitive solution.

    I have tried disabling auto-retrieve and receiving with and without text included. There doesn't seem to be a specific pattern.
  3. MonkikiX

    MonkikiX New Member

    Oooh! May have found the culprit. Just spent the last hour testing. Using ChompSMS, I disabled the auto-retrieve for MMS then left the default Messaging app to auto-retrieve. I had my fiance send 10 MMS (5 with text and 5 without) and all came through when I had it set this way.

    I also tried with auto-retrieve enabled for Chomp, while disabling it for Messaging and would get the message not found error. So far I haven't had any issues but time will tell. Most SMS/MMS apps tell you to disable the native app's auto-retrieve and enable theirs, seems that this may cause the issue.
  4. pilotalexander

    pilotalexander New Member

    I have tried both ways, disabling chompsms auto retrieve and leaving the stock messaging app auto retrieve turned on and vise versa, but I am still experiencing the same problem. Has anyone else found any possible solutions for this issue?
  5. MonkikiX

    MonkikiX New Member

    This has been working well for me but I do still get an occasional unknown sender/message not found error.
  6. pilotalexander

    pilotalexander New Member

    Seems like for such an advanced phone there would be a more consistent solution. I will keep troubleshooting different ideas and see if I can get something to work 100% of the time. I'll post back here if I find anything out.
  7. Rbrown409

    Rbrown409 Member

    I have the same problem, 2 out of 10 messages don't come in. I have spent countless hours online searching for a solution, but can't come up with anything. I've tried GoSMS and Handcent...and while the group messaging does work, actually receiving MMS messages is spotty...every once in a while I will get a message with "unknownsenderaddress" and no message content, or a button to "download" the message, only to find that when I hit the download button, it fails to download. I've tried restarting when this happens, still doesn't help.

    I wonder if I were to root my phone and put Android 4.2 on my phone if this would solve my issue? Anyone had any problems as described above with 4.2?
  8. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    I have a feeling the problem could be on either the carrier end (not bothering to change you from an iphone account even though you requested it) or not having installed the correct APN settings. Either way, contact the carrier. Its not android or samsung that are to blame :beer:
    EDIT: lol i just realised the vintage of the OP sorry :)
  9. Rbrown409

    Rbrown409 Member

    Carrier knows I have a GS3, APN settings are correct, I have actually called AT&T to see if they could help and all they did was "re-register" my device and that didn't do anything. Anyone else? I know there are tons of people out there with this problem....

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