MMS messaging issue leads to hope for upgrade...

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  1. Belwar

    Belwar Member

    Well I was trying to get sprint to understand my frustration over a lack of MMS messaging for my Hero, and the call got disconnected. While I spoke with another rep, I got a voice mail. With some info I desperatly hope is true.

    What say you phandroid people?

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  2. Belwar

    Belwar Member

    If someone from the site want's the whole unedited wav file of my voicemail I can send it to them. I just had to make it fit the file requirements to post on the boards.
  3. dodgerbluehero

    dodgerbluehero Well-Known Member

    wow so this lady confirmed a upgrade on the 26? we have another forum on the update but this sounds good! i mean even if its not the 2.1 ugrade :eek: which i pray that it is! it is at least a fix of the stupid MMS problem! thanks for sharing that!
  4. Belwar

    Belwar Member

    Was well when is the 2.1 upgrade coming out, word on the boards is that it may fix this problem. But your point is valid, even if she screwed the pooch and its just an mms fix I'm good with that too.
  5. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    Call and talk to another rep, and I'll bet you get a "The announcement of the upgrade will be in April." It seems to run about 50 50 based on results in another thread... ;)
  6. atom631

    atom631 Active Member

    im new to this forum and have been researching the htc hero before i decided to make a swap from my blackberry curve....

    are you telling me the htc hero has no mms messaging? or is the issue similar to my curve where if someone sends me an mms, it takes me to this god awful sprint website where i have to view the image there? i can send an MMS ok though.
  7. JMac202

    JMac202 Well-Known Member

    Some phones seem to have issues downloading MMS messages. I dont have an issue but when I get one that has a video or slideshow it just shows the first shot and not the rest of it. Like a still basically.

    You can send and receive MMS with the Hero.
  8. V425

    V425 Well-Known Member

    What messaging app are you using? I know in Handcent if you receive a slideshow you need to long press on the message (not the picture) and select view flat slideshow... Unfortunately I'm one of the people who can't download any MMS now :(
  9. noel15

    noel15 New Member

    Sounds to me that she is unsure if the update will be here on the 26th. She states in the voice mail that "the update that is suppose to be out on the 26th should be an OTA download." She didn't say the update will be out on the 26th. I think that Sprint is just giving us the run around and we won't see the update till May. But I have been known to be proven wrong and now that I state all this, most likely we will see the update on Friday. LOL But lets not forget about what Verizon did to the Droid update, which was to be out last Friday, and they delayed that till another day.

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