MMS Not working after flashing to Fresh 0.5.3

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  1. Velocd

    Velocd Well-Known Member

    So I did the simple root while having sw version 1.32. Flashed over fresh 0.5.3. Everything works except receiving MMS. I can send them as much as I want, theres just an issue with sending. I get an error stating that the message failed to download. I am guessing I may need to reflash. Whats the best way to back everything up? Titanium?

  2. bishaudio

    bishaudio Well-Known Member

    I just flashed the same version and mine decided to randomly reboot it self in a looping manner about an hour after I flashed it...
  3. Velocd

    Velocd Well-Known Member

    Mine did this the first time. Turned out I forgot to wipe the davik cache. Rewiping and flashing fixed that. But this MMS thing caught me off guard because I didnt check it out prior to setting up the phone.
  4. I checked after seeing your thread, and sure enough, I can't send mms either. Searching at the xda site doesn't turn up much. A few others are having problems, but nothing wide spread. I'm going to install the stock rom to see if that fixes it.

    Edit: Never mind. I see that you have trouble receiving them. Are you sure that they are sending? It looks as if it sends on my phone, but the recipient doesn't get it.
  5. Velocd

    Velocd Well-Known Member

    I was able to fix this. It turns out it was a combination of handscent and bad signal in my house.
  6. I went back to the original Evo software and that did not fix the problem. After a quick call to sprint, I learned that when they ported my number over, something did not get updated in their system. After following their instructions to reset the phone, it works fine. Now I'm installing Fresh Evo 0.5.3 again to see if I'm in the clear.

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