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MMS not working-Message Not Downloaded Transient FailureSupport

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  1. knietert

    knietert New Member

    I have an HTC One S. It was a T-Mobile phone and I am using it on NET10's network. I entered the APN provided by NET10 but was unable to delete the T-Mobile APNs. Everything is working except the MMS. The tex comes through with the tab to download the picture and it says downloading. The picture never appears and then the tab goes back to download. I get an error message that states Message Not Downloaded Transient Failure. Any suggestions?

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I'm bumping your thread as well as extending a welcome to you. Best of luck and thanks for using these forums. I hope one of our helpful members has some insight into your problem.
  3. razvan06

    razvan06 Well-Known Member

    This is most likely a ROM bug ...is it the branded ROM that T-Mobile put on it ?
    ...i know that it's network free/unlocked/sim free but the ROM part is different !

    1st Try a factory reset;
    2nd If you have the Branded ROM [check under settings>device info>software] try rooting and install other ROM !
  4. knietert

    knietert New Member

    I discovered the fix. The APN settings must be as follows:
    Name NET10
    APN wap.tracfone
    MMSC http://mms.tracfone.com
    APN type default,mms,supl
  5. knietert

    knietert New Member

    In response to RAZVAN06 on 2/21/13. I had tried that after contacting HTC. I found the solution. Once I changed the APN type to default,mms,supl the messages poured in. Thanks for your suggestions though.
  6. dougthepilot

    dougthepilot New Member

    I have the same problem with an AT&T HTC M8!

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