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  1. vaguy50

    vaguy50 Member

    Hello. I am new to the Android world, and I am enjoying my new Inspire, well except for one problem. I attempted to send a MMS message (picture) and it would not send. I had the settings checked that would indicate if it failed, or sent. Nothing is happening. I contacted AT&T tech support. Settings were re-checked, also some sort of reset on AT&T's end. Suggested to do a hard reset, that was done. I was even passed on to a second tier tech person, again checked settings, even ruled out an issue with sim card, by putting in another phone, and had no problems. I do apologize for this post being so long, but wanted to give as much detail as I could. My question is...I know, I know thank goodness..Finally! :0) Could this be a defect in the phone itself, as was suggested by tech support with AT&T?

  2. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    I had this problem the other day, if you press menu-settings-wireless&networks-mobile networks-access point names do you see medianet and mms and are the fields in the mms filled in? You can also press menu and reset default to reset the apns
  3. vaguy50

    vaguy50 Member

    Thank you for your quick response. I am not sure if I will be much help here..but here goes. I found what you had suggested....I am at the screen APns I see media net (green dot) and MMS (wap.cingular) Both have a lock icon beside them. when I touch media net..I get name Apn proxy port..etc..all indicate "not set" I took the easy way out, and did your second suggestion and reset default(s). Again, thank you for all of your help. I appreciate it very much. Take care. Be safe.
  4. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    the reset default is what got mine working again. att tech support just wanted me to do a hard reset but i figured what could a default reset hurt for the apns worse case scenerio i would have to do a hard reset.

    so can you send/receive mms now?
  5. vaguy50

    vaguy50 Member

    I wish i would have had the foresight not to do a hard reset...Or blindly do what I was told by AT&T to do...not being critical, they worked very hard to help me. I see I will have to put back all the apps, and fix the home screen. oh, and I apologize for not saying so..Yes, I am able to send MMS again. It did sound a bit odd to say the phone was defective, but I guess anything could be possible. Whew, not I can go back to feeling better about kicking the iphone to the curb. :0))
  6. vaguy50

    vaguy50 Member

    Oh, and as a footnote to all of this..I was too chicken to ask what apns was :0)) looked it up. push notification service. I see I have a lot to learn. :)
  7. apain05

    apain05 New Member

    I'm having the same problem...can't send MMS messages. I've contacted AT&T which was no help. They sent me a replacement phone which worked out in my favor considering I bought my inspire 2nd hand. But still no MMS. I tried what was suggested above and still nothing...any other ideas ??

    This is getting very frustrating:mad:
  8. ohme

    ohme New Member

    my mms and media aRE LOCKED. i HAVE HTC INSPIRE. what do i do to is a ATT phone that is on straight talk
  9. meagangannon

    meagangannon New Member

    I recently factory reset my phone because my mobile data wouldnt work even though im on contract through at&t, i was able to send and recieve calls, texts, multimedia messages, now since i factory reset my phone i cannot send or recieve multimedia messages, when i go to send one it has a clock on it saying its being sent but i wait and final says on my status bar at top of the phone *unable to send message, generic network failure*, when i have my bf send me one the DOWNLOAD button appears which i press and says at top *message not downloaded, generic network failure* ...i tried to reset the apn to default which didnt work! I really need help cause its frustrating, i send and recieve multimedia messages everyday but now i cant! :(

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