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  1. kaythrawk

    kaythrawk New Member

    I cannot figure out how to download pictures sent to me via text message. I've tried using both th e default message and hand cent. Default tels me the me save expired or is not available when I press download. Hand cent says its downloading but never actually does.

    Right now I'm currently using the latest ctmod, I was not able to download it prior to rooting it either. The picture sizes were all around 900 to 1100 KB, I have an SD card installed and I use ting as my service provider.

    Any ideas?

  2. kaythrawk

    kaythrawk New Member

    An update: I was able to download the picture when my phone is connected to my wifi at home. I contacted ting support on their website and apparently they had something disabled at their end. Everything is working now.

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