MMS probelm Velocity 1.2

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  1. crews4lyfe

    crews4lyfe Active Member

    i cant send any mms messages. i can receive but cant send. any ideas why?

  2. Ii12yanII

    Ii12yanII Member

    mine is working fine. but reflashing roms fixes some issues with them
  3. gaetawoo

    gaetawoo Guest

    you may need to reflash or flash the stock messaging app. the cyanogen is not good for MMS
  4. crews4lyfe

    crews4lyfe Active Member

    okay how do i flash the stock messaging app. i reflashed velocity today and still wont send any mms.
  5. gaetawoo

    gaetawoo Guest

  6. killersaint123

    killersaint123 New Member

    Hi I just recently put velocity 1.2 on my lg ally an I have the mms problem too. I can't send or receive pics plz help here. I was wonderin if I could like flash the original messaging system an that fix it.
  7. gaetawoo

    gaetawoo Guest

    If you can find one with someone who has it

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