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MMS/SMS messaging issuesSupport

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  1. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    What carrier? This isn't supported on Sprint

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    FWIW,I had it on my SGS3 w/SPRINT,rarely used it though,maybe twice just to see if it worked.Just wanted to throw that out there,for carrier/mfg/troubleshooting purposes.
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  3. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Thanks for that. I've only had htc devices on Sprint and have not seen that. I should have made that more specific...
  4. ironman187

    ironman187 Well-Known Member

    Was it the sprint version? I just checked my wife's new S3 and could not find the option to turn it on.
  5. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Yes,it was the SPRINT version,but,I can't remember how I came across the option for the read reports.(trade-in allowance to BB last week for the ONE,arriving tomorrow).

    That feature,among many,I rarely,if ever,used.(NFC/ALL-SHARE/FACELOCK/various novelty gesture features,etc).....

    Really looking forward to my 1st HTC handset & SENSE. :)

    found the possible setting(s):

    MESSAGING/MENU/SETTINGS:The option to check-off boxes for delivery &/or read reports should be there in your wife's SGS3.
  6. Tubernator

    Tubernator New Member

    thank you for the tip. This was driving me nuts.
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  7. Fredtp

    Fredtp New Member

    When saving attachments from a text message, where is it saved to? I cannot find it anywhere? Downloads no gallery no.
  8. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member

    Mine saves to here....

    Is anybody else having an issue with this? Surely I can't be the only one :(

    Attached Files:

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  9. emf1138

    emf1138 Well-Known Member

    I'm just finding out about this now? There are no apps out there that can handle this like iOS? Really? I've settled for not having some of the convenivce features of iOS to have such a ridiculously awesome phone, but come on Android devs. Almost to OS v5 and this still hasn't been addressed?

    From what I've seen, it has to go through a MMS conversion and then it sends out multiple messages. 3 texts for 3 recipients. When someone replies, it only comes to me and not the group. Happens with both Chomp and Sense Messages.

    Doing a quick search, it seems like a global Android issue.

    Sorry for the mini rant, just frustrated.
  10. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Go into the Sense Messaging App and then Settings and then the MMS section and check off Group Messaging and enter your phone number for group messages. Now when you add more than one recipient it will automatically turn it into Group Messaging like on iOS and all replies will stay in the same thread. goSMS Pro also handles group messaging but the Stock app works amazingly well with other phones capable of Group Messaging.
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  11. Chase-HFD

    Chase-HFD Active Member

    I posted this over at XDA but havent' got any responses.

    So I always thought other peoples phones just sent a picture at a smaller resolution but last night my buddy and I recieved the same picture at the same time from someone and his was at a much higher resolution. He was using the stock SMS program and I was using Handcent. I uninstalled Handcent and had the person resend the picture so I would get it via the stock program and the picture came at a higher resolution, but not as great as the other persons. I was using my T-Mobile HTC One and he was using a Verizon HTC One X.

    I was thinking it was maybe a T-Mobile thing limiting the MMS size, but today I sent a picture to both my wife and myself to compare. Hers is the Nexus 4 and I have the HTC One.

    The original size of the picture being sent (after being compressed by the texting app is 235KB and 1909x1080.

    My wife received that picture at 235KB @ 1909x1080 and I received the picture at 405KB 1023x579.

    Does anyone have an explanation for why it's coming in like that and a fix for it? This was on the stock texting program on the phones.

    Also FWIW, when Handcent is installed and I send from the stock app to myself and Handcent recieves the picture, it comes in at 188KB @ 639x362. I'm no longer a Handcent user. None of the other SMS apps did this
    I also just tested another picture that I sent to myself. It went out at 647KB @ 1088x1920 and came back at 258KB @ 435x767.

    Any ideas?
  12. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Do you have your Maximum Message Size set to 2M in Messaging Settings under MMS?
  13. Chase-HFD

    Chase-HFD Active Member

    No, it's set at 1MB which is the highest it shows. Even still, the phone should be able to receive what it's sending and the same that the other phones are receiving. The size is under 1MB which shows the limit to be. Makes no sense to me
  14. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Is that 1MB in Handcent? The Stock Messaging App has it at 300k, 600k, or 2M. Even though the size is under 1MB, that setting still affects compression.
  15. Chase-HFD

    Chase-HFD Active Member

    What carrier do you have? Mine shows 300k, 600k, 1000k. That's on the HTC One on T-Mobile on the stock sms.
  16. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I have Sprint. We may have found the issue here. Just to make sure though I want to make sure we are in the same spot. I open Messaging and then click the 3 Button Menu key in the upper right and corner. Then I go to Settings and then MMS and Maximum Message Size is set to 2M. Same for you minus the 2M?
  17. Chase-HFD

    Chase-HFD Active Member

    I see these threads got merged..I had posted a reply but it looks like it didn't go through.

    Yes we are in the same settings w/ the different options due to carriers. I originally wanted to blame T-Mobile, but that wouldn't explain my wifes Nexus 4 on the same carrier is able to get the higher res pictures and my HTC One is getting lower quality. I'm currently using the stock SMS but I've tried Handcent, Go SMS, and Chomp.
  18. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Well the Nexus 4 uses stock Android while the One uses Sense (I know you know both of these things). When HTC finalizes their ROMS they are then sent to the carriers labs so they go do their modifications and customizations (which is why updates seem to take to long). So either Sprint increased their size to 2M or T-Mobile reduced theirs. With the Nexus 4 everything stays stock so the Carriers don't get to change anything (not 100% positive in that though). Having said that, HTC has a habit of over compression when sending MMS, I just haven't noticed it on my received pictures at all.
  19. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member

    I've been playing with these settings since day one trying to get a resolution.

    On the Telstra version, the maximum message size is 600kb

    TBH, I don't feel this has anything to do with it - my One XL, same carrier, was actually set to 300kb (for whatever reason), but it NEVER reduced incoming pictures this much.

    It's definitely a ROM issue, not just a 'settings' issue.

    Out of interest, anyone in this thread rooted and using a custom ROM? Care to post your experiences?
  20. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I am having no compression issues with received MMS but when I attach a picture to send out the compression is way too much. Screenshots become unreadable much like they were on the EVO 4G LTE which I think (not positive) is a product of Sprint increasing the amount of compression within the ROM.
  21. thepacman83

    thepacman83 New Member

    I am having similar trouble... In hopes of increasing the outgoing picture compression limit of my pictures via text message, I rooted my Samsung Galaxy S2 (SPH-D710 - Boost Mobile) and I am looking for a ROM or something on how I can raise the limit. If I take a picture at the lowest setting (640x480), sometimes the size of the photo will be under 300kb and it won't compress it, but other times it will and any photos above that threshold will trigger the messaging program to compress the photo. My girlfriend has an iPhone 5 on the AT&T network and she sends me pictures all the time to my phone between 700kb-1.5MB, so I'm figuring that there is some way around this besides e-mail or using a different messaging app to bounce the picture off of a server. Can anyone help?
  22. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    Mms will compress the size of a photo down dramatically. Whenever someone is trying to send me a picture I tell them to email it, so that way I get the photo in it's full resolution.
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  23. Tmo HTC One

    Tmo HTC One New Member

    I know exactly what you are referring to patpending. I am also a Tmo HTC One user, and the drastic reduction in our MMS is pretty disgusting. There is usually a size reduction in an MMS, but the HTC One on Tmo is definitely drastic and extremely annoying and discouraging. I do not use facebook, and can not attest to any reduction with that program, but stock messaging on this phone on this carrier sucks. Maybe it is a Tmo thing, as opposed to an HTC thing, but why they, or anyone, would reduce the size this drastically seems to be a foolish move, on such a flagship device, in this day and age. The size reduction seems to vary from image to image, but each and every one I send gets reduced to an unbelievable size.

    If you happen to find a fix, please let us know (I also have mine set to 1000k).

    Actually I just sent an image of 11 kb, and it didn't compress it whatsoever. But when do we ever have the need to send a pic that small in size?
  24. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member


    Today received a call from Telstra about the tech enquiry I asked for.

    They've done some in-house testing, and have confirmed it is a unique issue to the One, nothing to do with carriers.

    I've lodged 2 separate support 'tickets' with HTC, and am currently in the middle of email trails trying to find a resolution.

    Will report back with more info when available.
  25. kemo1990

    kemo1990 Well-Known Member

    I can send and receive text fine. but if my girlfriend sends me a long text i dont get the whole thing just the first page of it. I didnt have this problem with my evo 3d on virgin mobile. im on att

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