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  1. Stew24

    Stew24 New Member

    Someone please help me. I love this phone but can't deal with the SMS/MMS lack of simple embedded pics in the message thread. When a mesage is sent to me with a pic embedded within, I get a "PLAY" button instead of a pic. I have to hit the play button before the pic will appear. Now, if simply a pic is sent in the text message thread, .. without any text, then the pic will show. There is a play button overlay which I hate, but at least there is a pic embedded withion the thread without my having to download the pic (which shows up in another page) before I can see it.

    I have tried the native SMS, Handcent SMS, ChompSMS, Go-SMS, and they all have some variation of placing a link, or play button that must be launched before you can sewe the pic, which appears in expanded version on a separate page, but appears only as a play button inside the message thread. now, remember ... If a pic with no text is sent ... it appears embedded just fine. If a pic with typed text included, ... I only get a PLAY button to launch the previously unseen pic. Also, once its downloaded, ... it still doesn't go back and add the downloaded pic back into the thread. That stupid play button remains in the thread. Can anyone help me with this? Just got the phone on Black Friday.

  2. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    GoSMSPro and Handcent doesn't use the play button. (shrug) I use GOSMSPro to get rid of that. (Also for the quick reply.)

    Here you can see what I am talking about.


    Now, if you send more than ONE picture at a time, it will show a play button, but it just opens up all of the pictures and lets you view them - unlike the stock messaging app.
  3. Stew24

    Stew24 New Member

    Hello, thx for the reply. I have GoSMSpro, Handcent and Chomp SMS and I have some type of Play button or Download button for ALL of them when a pic is embedded along with text. Some of them (GoSMSpro, I assume), will automatically show the pic, as you showed in your post, but it seems that is only if you post a pic with NO text accompanying it. I really liked ChompSMS but it had the same problem as all the others. Is there some native setting I'm missing???
  4. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    Yes, you get a play button if text is included with the picture BUT unlike the stock message app, you can still click on the picture and manipulate it.

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