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  1. mikeinkaty

    mikeinkaty New Member

    I read somewhere that the Galaxy S4 has no provision for off loading such pics to a PC. I find this hard to believe that a cell phone, in this day and age, would lack such a feature! I receive hundreds of pics daily from my game cameras and need a way to offload these, in mass, to my PC. If I could do this then I wouldn't also have to send pics to my email address. Being able to copy them from my cell phone to my PC would enable me to cut the total number of MMS text messages in half. I also need the ability to zoom in and scroll around such pics. Is this possible?

    Can someone elaborate on this and correct me if the S4 can do this??

    Doing this via a wireless connection to my PC would be ideal but I guess that would be asking way to much of Samsung.

    What about message templates? can I have different folders for different types of templates?

    Mike Taylor
    Katy TX

  2. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    You could give ES File Manager a shot. It will allow you to set up a share from your wireless network and use it just like another drive. Works well. I use it all the time to move pictures from my phone to my network.
  3. mikeinkaty

    mikeinkaty New Member

    So, your saying that the Samsung S4 does have wireless connection to a Microsoft style PC network? Can an Iphone do the same thing or does that only work with an Apple network?

    I have read elsewhere that the S4 requires purchase of a separate APP in order to transfer pics attached to a text message.


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