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  1. Chaastring

    Chaastring Active Member

    I was having the problem where my picture mail wasnt downloading. I read & read but found nothing other than hard resetting the phone. When I talked to sprint they did tell me that there were some towers out in my area. ..Just wanted to throw that out there for people who have this problem with no solutions. ;)

  2. i3adidas

    i3adidas Member

    you cant download threw texts. does it say download failed?
  3. Chaastring

    Chaastring Active Member

  4. NoNeck

    NoNeck Well-Known Member

    I had this same problem for a few days or so. They (Sprint) even had me take it in to the store (before I rooted it) :D and have them run a hard reset. It just went away on its own one day and hasnt happened yet (knock on wood). They did tell me once that they had a tower down or some crap and data wasnt working like it should which is odd cuz my internet and regular text messages were fine.

    How long have you had this problem?
  5. Chaastring

    Chaastring Active Member

    I really don't wanna go through a hard reset :( but yeah my internet and text messages are fine. Its been about two weeks, sprint told me that the towers have been messed up since the 4th.
  6. NoNeck

    NoNeck Well-Known Member

    You might not have too. It could just fix itself. When i got my phone back from Sprint, it still didnt fix SH*#! If you can handle not seeing any MMS, you can just play the waiting game. You know that you can view all your MMS online right? If not this is where you go
  7. Chaastring

    Chaastring Active Member

    yeah thats my plan. Hopefully its fixed soon! & I had no idea about the online picture mail thanks!
  8. i3adidas

    i3adidas Member

    i had to swap my phone. i told it to the sprint store and theys what they did after testing it.
  9. matbob

    matbob Active Member

    I have this same problem. Whenever I have wifi on, I can't get MMS attachments. Sometimes the message will come through, but it has a "Download" button, instead of the picture. Clicking the "Download" button results in the phone trying to get the attachment, but ultimately failure. If I turn wifi off, it pulls the attachment almost right away.

    I went to the Sprint store to ask about this and they told me that the MMS attachments only go to the phone via 3G. When wifi is active and connected to a network, the 3G radio shuts down to save battery, thus no MMS attachment delivery. Essentially they told me, "that's how it is, sorry. turn off your wifi if you want MMS"

    I know this isn't a solution, but I hope it is a helpful explanation.
  10. PrO1210

    PrO1210 Well-Known Member

    I backed up my apps with my app and did a factory reset,so far so good...
  11. matbob

    matbob Active Member

    You are able to send/receive picture MMS even with WIFI ON and connected to a network?
  12. twondog22

    twondog22 Active Member

    I have this problem too, whenever I am sent a pic it doesn't download. Sometimes if I am sent a pic it won't dload & if I am sent another pic shortly after the 1st sent pic will show up while the 2nd pic won't dload
  13. autorail1

    autorail1 Well-Known Member

    Ok, Look. I think i found the Only fix so far. first go on Gmail and update all phone numbers in your contacts (to prevent adding all numbers back in) You will have to do a hard reset!!! If you dont want to do that, then you will not get picture mail until you do. :) All your paid apps will show paid for once you put your gmail info in. (very easy). I did this last night after 3 months of not getting picture mail. It also took care of all Force closes. SEE THE DIRECTIONS:

    1/ Switch off the phone (either removing the battery or shutting down by holding the "end call" button for few seconds
    2/ While being switched off, hold the "home" (house) and "back" (the arrow in the lower right corner)
    3/ Hit briefly the "end call" button" while still holding the "home" and "back" buttons.
    4/ Release the "home" and "back" button, a white screen containing technical information should appear, with a red message asking for hitting the "menu" button.
    5/ Hit the "menu button", the Hero will now boot with factory settings.

    Factory settings means that every information stored on the ROM (NOT your SD memory card) will be cleared (for me it was just the address book which was instantly updated thanks to my Google account).
  14. matbob

    matbob Active Member

    My wife was able to send but not to receive pictures from me. We both have the same hero. I turned her phone off, back on again and tried it out. Initially the picture message came through, but with the "download" button. Eventually, (matter of minutes) the picture came through. I'm not terribly pleased with the MMS performance so far, but I'm not ready for a hard reset yet. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and has any thoughts?
  15. autorail1

    autorail1 Well-Known Member

    That is the Only Fix. Hard reset is So EASY. Just update contacts in GMAIL. they should be kept uptodate anyways.

  16. audionut

    audionut Member

    If your using Handcent and just see the arrow instead of a picture, try using the standard HTC app... you can see the pic! Not sure how to get Handcent to play nice....
  17. matbob

    matbob Active Member

    I am using the stock MMS client, not handcent. I truly haven't done anything extraordinary that should require a hard restart. It was acting this way basically out of the box.
  18. autorail1

    autorail1 Well-Known Member

    Its worth a try and you'll be happier.

  19. twondog22

    twondog22 Active Member

    how do i export my contacts from my phone to the gmail i dont lose the new #'s ive added manually to my phonebook since the last sync
  20. autorail1

    autorail1 Well-Known Member

    I manually went in and Updated all my contact numbers while on the computer (at gmail) Some contacts may already be google contatcts. To see, just go to people (on the Phone) see if there name has google to the right. If it has google to the left then its synced with google. If you add a number on Gmail it will sync almost instantly to the phone.

  21. wagaboo

    wagaboo Member

    Guys/girls there's no need for a reset just go to the android market and get the freebee wifi on off thats all you need and disable wifi when you recieve an mms message and you can download ....reset is NOT a must do:D
  22. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    No need to even go to Market for that. Look under Widgets > HTC widget > Settings > WiFi.
  23. wagaboo

    wagaboo Member thanks bro
  24. swoid

    swoid Active Member

    the issue the OP (mms pic won't download) is talking about is not a "wifi is on" issue. i have fallen victim to this "known issue" that they can't fix. sprint's latest fix is to do a hard reset. that only is a temp fix (don't do it!).
    this resolution is more important than 2.1...
  25. V425

    V425 Well-Known Member

    If you get the slideshow icon in Handcent then hard press the message (not the pic) and select view flat slideshow

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