mmx A87 sources?

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  1. robin789

    robin789 Member

  2. robin789

    robin789 Member

    Guys any developer please look at these sources . I have seen that some one ported cm7 from the kernels on the same website . Pls see if those sources are released for our device too as our chipset MSM7227A is there in the link i posted above
  3. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

    no one interested in Above post...Some ppls(So Called DEVs) already SOLD there A87...Enjoy Stock ;;; Don't By M'max ; if you can't find Kernel for your next(Future) Device !
  4. samfrnds90

    samfrnds90 New Member

  5. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

    why you formatted Boot ? Flash everything using ADB...if you able to connect

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