< Moan, Complain/> Wirefly's slow rickshaw from Maryland

Discussion in 'Metro PCS' started by OcalaFlGuy, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Ok, yeah, so it's FREE shipping.

    But Judas H. Priest WF, 7 days to go about 1000 miles from Maryland to Florida?! Did Fedex start going by Pony Homeless Person Express? :rolleyes:

    In 4 days it manages to stumble it's way maybe 300 miles South into WVA. Wooo! <Eyeroll> And of course, the last tracking update is Friday...

    (Around Christmas, Wirefly told me they could have a Motion to me in 3-4 days, I decided to pay a bit more and get it locally. WF Would Never have been able to get me the phone in time to still make the $55 plan before it ended.)

    <Slams mic stand down and kicks it off the stage>

    Bruce in Ocala, FL


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    Yeah I ordered my motion on a Friday with free shipping. So i didn't see it till the 2nd week after I ordered it.

    I was taking my rage out on my admire during the wait :laugh:
  3. And, in the how much MORE Stupid can we be category...

    So Wirefly figures that since they're not getting any (or much at all) commission from MetroPCS that Wirefly's customers getting a Metro phone will be happy with the absolute slowest shipping on the planet for their FREE shipping. (7 days to go about 1000 miles from MD to FL)


    How can we be even MORE stupid? Shirley there is a way.

    Oh I know! Let's send out a customer service SURVEY when the customers slow rickshaw shipment from MD STILL HAS 3 DAMN DAYS to get to them.

    I predict there'll be at least one PC burst into flames at Wirefly when they get THAT survey back... morons.


    Bruce in Ocala, FL
  4. Well.

    At least Wirefly Finally made me chuckle.

    I went to their Facebook page and took a great-biggo-saved-up DUMP right in the middle of it.

    And, they're just letting it Sit There and stank up the whole place.


    Bruce in Ocala, FL-told ya they were morons
  5. Woot!Woot! :D Bruce in Ocala, FL

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