Mobi Manga removed from market?

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  1. userz

    userz Member


  2. userz

    userz Member

    the truth is i already have it,
    but i forgot to backup it before flashing my phone.
    so i lost it..
  3. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    The first thing to find out is why it's been removed from the Market/Play Shop, as there's usually a very good reason. ;)

    That said, Mobi Manga is still there according to a search I've just done. It was updated on 12th March to v1.977b and is displaying as "compatible with all your devices". Perhaps try Settings/Applications/Manage Applications, select the Market/Play Shop app and deleting its cache and data?
  4. userz

    userz Member

    thanks for responding bro, but that is "manga mobile" not "mobi manga".
    here the mobi manga logo;
    the latest version is 1.0.8
    last update on 5 Feb 2012
  5. userz

    userz Member

    = anyone? =
  6. LorDestinY

    LorDestinY New Member

    Well, you are lucky!!

    i just wiped my phone for some ROM updates and made an APPs backup. :D

    I was looking for an earlier version since v1.0.8 is malfunctioning on me, but it seems they removed the app from market and the developer website is down.

    Enjoy :D
  7. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Please do not distribute .apk files or ask others to do it for you. It is a violation of both the Terms of Service for market apps and violates the developers rights.
  8. droididol

    droididol Active Member

    It doesn't really surprise me. They were SManga before they were Mobi Manga- they changed the name because the app was removed before, it makes sense that it would happen again. I wonder if they'll re-release it with a new name?
  9. bioforce

    bioforce Well-Known Member

    I use manga what. It only works with manga reader and force closes, but at least it has a good manga selection and works well most of the time.
  10. userz

    userz Member

    okay" i do it in secretly, lol :D

    yeah u right,maybe they will re-release it again someday.. lol :eek:

    but mangawhat not updated again this year :(
    i think the developer was given up :p
  11. userz

    userz Member

    i already use the earlier version but still got the problem, :(
    i guess what we can do is wait now.. :D


    modding it,, :D
  12. userz

    userz Member

    hey i got a new information,
    they changed name to eManga 2 days ago.
    but it seems they removed from market again. wtf
  13. bioforce

    bioforce Well-Known Member

    It still works for all but one of my series, that's good enough for me. All the other apps I've seen have been crap.
  14. userz

    userz Member

    but i hate mangareader watermark it's annoying me.. :eek:
  15. LorDestinY

    LorDestinY New Member

    The weird thing is, why is SManga / MobiManga / eManga the only one being removed from market, and all the other manga readers are still there.
    I read in sManga website that it was because of copyright infrigment, but isn't the other apps doing the same???

    Is the developer doing some ilegal stuff trought our phones like copying contacts or maybe its a trojan virus?|-manga-reader/com.emanga
  16. userz

    userz Member

    i think it not about virus or something like that.
    eManga trying to hide name of the manga website but it seems not work.. :eek:
    and they removed again.. the best way is upload they apps on websites..

    mango / pocketmanga is removed from market too.. but they have a website not like Mobi Manga.. :(

    URL : Mango / Pocket Manga Website
  17. Really guys!? I mean seriously, after a Moderator said that posting links to a .apk is against the Terms of Service on this site you still go ahead in do it?! That's complete stupidity and should be a infraction on there accounts. Am I right Lunatic/Slug?
  18. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    In most forums, posting apk's for "pay" apps aren't allowed. This is a free app.

    As is the case in some countries that can't get the official market, or certain phones/tablets that can't get the official market, it is usually fine to post the apk's, or links to them.

    TOS usually states "no posting of copywrited material", and free apps aren't copywrite protected. App developer wants app "out there" and used. Doesn't care how you get it. I assume they hope if you like the app, if they ever come up with a "pay" app, you may try it...
  19. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Not exactly. Posting links to an .apk file is not inherently a violation, although anyone downloading .apk's and installing them should do so with extreme caution. The violation occurs when apps are distributed without the copyright holder's permission. Since the link above is the website of developer of the app, and they choose to make it available that way, that's fine, even if it has been removed from the market.

    What will generate an infraction is downloading an .apk file from a legitimate source and then posting it (or a link to it) so others can get it in a manner not approved by the developer.

    While the market (Google Play) might not be available to everyone, if the app is there, that should be the first link posted. If not, then other legitimate sites are possible. The last course of action would be to email the dev and ask to get it that way. Just because an app is free of cost doesn't mean it is free to distribute it in any way you like.

    A common, but completely incorrect assumption. ALL apps are protected by copyright as the intellectual property of the developer.
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  20. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    How are open source apps copywrited? They are meant to be worked on and shared. Isn't their coding available to be changed?
  21. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    There's a huge difference between open source (GNU License) and free. Just because an app is free, does not automatically make it open source. It is up to the author to release it under the GNU license. And, that license does not filter down from the OS to the apps that run on it.
  22. LorDestinY

    LorDestinY New Member

    Hi guys

    I just received an e-mail from original SManga / MobiManga developer.

    Yeah that's right. SManga is back and updated.
    I still haven't tried it, i can't download it from website it giving me a "File not found" error. Going to mail them again and see if they can fix it.

    Enjoy :D

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