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  1. elou75

    elou75 Well-Known Member

    Hi all I have a sensation & have over the last 2 weeks encountered a strange problem... When I'm connected to wireless at home I can't get on FB (mobile or android) can every where else and can get on all other sites at home! Weird I know but it is driving me insane. I reset my phone last night which cured the problem temporarily but now It's happening again. help me please someone! Thanks in advance for ur help.

  2. Tbloke

    Tbloke Member

    are you sure its the fault of the phone?
    i know when i was setting something up on FB a while ago i had an option to allow "multiple devices" to log in to my account and now when i log in i get an email to say this device logged in at this time etc but if the device is not on my allowed device list it wont let me log in

    if that makes sense?
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  3. elou75

    elou75 Well-Known Member

    I have no idea what is causing this issue but its very frustrating. Wish I could figure it out. I shall try looking for the settings u mentioned next time I go on fb on a pc.

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