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Mobile Apps Developer for Hire (Trial prior to contract)

  1. apps2012

    apps2012 New Member


    I am a Mobile Application Developer who enjoys the challenges of working with cutting edge platforms such as iOS and Android.

    My expertise includes user interface design, network communications, web services, SQLite databases, and location based services. I have good organizational skills and can easily "switch gears" between platforms, languages, and development environments.

    Normally i work remotely on various projects including iPhone/iPad Application Development.

    My hourly rates are "OPEN" including a fixed budget for the project .

    I will send some of my Portfolio's /work completed along with my profile on request.


    Skype ID - ranjitattingal

    Business email id: savemeram (at) gmail(dot) com


    Have a Nice day!!!

    Ranjit Pillai


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