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  1. Jill_

    Jill_ Member

    Hello i just bought htc one today,(excellent phone)and i have a problem with my Mobile data.i cant connect,it says "disconnected because service is unavailable".I really need some help here i cant work :/ thanks a lot.:confused::(


  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    did you do a PRL and profile update?

    if you did not,, go to settings and "system updates" and do a PRL and profile.

    also, have you called sprint? its possible your account is not set up.

    if all of that has been done,

    give them your zip code and see if there is an outage in your area. could be LTE upgrading going on and mobile service could be TEMPORARILY interrupted.

    this is an easy fix so no worries....
  3. Hockeydood

    Hockeydood Member

    If you did a port in of an existing number, the issue you described would easily be caused by the port not being done. Or the data portion of your phone didn't configure correctly. I'd recommend reaching out to Sprint Tech Support to have them take a few cracks at what's up with your phone. Also, be sure to call from a phone that isn't your HTC One. =)
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  4. tpp0230

    tpp0230 Well-Known Member

    Anyone having issues w/ the mobile data turning itself off and on again? It happens like 10 - 15 times a day. Drives me crazy. There will be no 3G or 4G symbol, i go to the setting and i see the data has turned off and its turning itself back on. I called HTC support but nothing is really helping.. They are sending me a new tray for the sim card thinking sim card is disconnecting briefly causing it. This is a Sprint phone, it could be.. something with that as I notice usually when its fighting for a 4G signal. I'm in Tampa and LTE is spotty here. I also get a NO SIM CARD error from time to time.. Never at the same time the mobile data is turning itself off and on though.
  5. hallman87

    hallman87 Member


    I just flashed my HTC one to metro and at first I did not have data or mms but when I entered a APN I found browsing around or turned on my data but still no mms. If anyone knows how to fix this that would be great, ether a APN fix or something else.

    Thank you
  6. ethomas

    ethomas New Member


    upgraded to Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5.5 but losing data connectivity after few minutes of surfing. this issue started 2 days prior to upgrading.

    please advise.

  7. mtzronald

    mtzronald New Member

    So I bought an unlocked htc one and connected it to metropcs, i can make calls and send messages without problems, however it says my mobile data is disconnected even though i get the 4g lte logo on top of the screen, i can only use the internet on my phone when im connected to a wifi network, any tips on how i can fix this?
  8. bryanilee

    bryanilee New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but I landed here from Google with the same problem, so I'm hoping this will help someone:

    I got an unlocked HTC One and signed up for T-Mobile. I could make calls, but Internet browsing didn't work. Under the settings for mobile data, it said it was unavailable.

    It turned out to be because I didn't have an "APN" set up for T-Mobile. I clicked on the mobile data option which took me to another screen where I clicked on "Access Points" (I think). And there I could manually enter a new APN entry. I found a T-Mobile support page (sorry, the forum won't let me post the link - but you can probably find it via Google) which had APN settings. After that, I could surf the web! Hopefully your carrier provides APN settings somewhere, or you can try contacting their Support.
  9. snapple112

    snapple112 New Member

    Currently I have been using my HTC One (HTC6500LVW) for roughly six months, purchased new from Verizon in February 2014. Up until a month ago, I used mostly Mobile Data as my daily connection. For the past month, my service has been disconnected and all of my data has been through WiFi. I have applied all recent updates through Verizon, and left everything completely stock.

    First Symptom:
    Last night, while in the middle of typing a Facebook message my WiFi shut off. Attempted to turn back on in settings, no luck. Reboot phone & connected on charger, WiFi came back on for a few minutes only to shut off and read either "Error" or "Turning on..."

    Not only was WiFi not working, I could tell something was wrong with the entire Android OS. Shutting down/restarting the phone was taking extra long. Apps were loading very poorly, everything was laggy and slow, and even swiping on the home screen left/right, animations just looked messed up. It seemed as if the phone was under heavy load, like all the RAM or CPU was being used up... I deleted almost all my apps I downloaded, free'd the cache, still the system was slow and WiFi not working.

    Actions Taken:
    Factory reset erased all data through bootloader > recovery > factory reset
    Phone booted up fine, and OS is running like normal. Not lagging and seems smooth.
    • WiFi is still not working (tapping on/off it just says "turning on" and eventually will say "error")
    • Bluetooth has the same problem as WiFi (on/off, won't turn on stuck in "turning on" phase)
    • Mobile Data does indicate that I can turn it On and Off. But, same thing it is stuck in the "turning on" message, eventually saying "disconnected"
    • Keep in mind my service through verizon is disconnected, so I am not 100% sure if Mobile Data is having the same problem as wifi and BT.

    Additional Info:

    WiFi > Advanced > Mac Address & IP Add listed as "Unknown"
    About > Phone Identity > WiFi Mac address "Unavailable" / Bluetooth address "Unavailable" / Hardware version "Unavailable"
    Software info > 4.4.3 / Sense 6.0 / S/W # 5.28.605.2​

    This problem applies for WiFi & Bluetooth (b/t I rarely use). Same symptoms, occurred at same time, and both are stuck saying "Turning On". Mobile Data (even though I don't have active service from Verizon) will turn On and Off functionally, although says "Disconnected" and will get stuck on "Turning On" for a few minutes

    Is this a software issue that anyone else has experienced? I am open to any suggestions. Thanks in advanced

  10. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    since you dont have a data account active through verizon, its possible the latest updates are forcing the phone to turn on and connect to vzw.

    another factory reset is in order, and dont install any apps once you do. if the phone starts trying to call out to vzw, this may be an indicator there are some hooks in the OS vzw installed that forces the phone to want to connect.

    sounds like the issue lies in the fact you dont have cellular data and the programs are wanting to use that connection....
  11. Lilredst3

    Lilredst3 New Member

    Hello Good People!
    First I am a total newb please be gentle! ha
    Here's my situation. A little background first I have a HTC ONE model# HTC6500LVW Android version 4.4.3 that originally was on Verizon when I left my old company and I was given the device free and clear. I took the device over to MetroPCS since now Metro is part of T-Mobile and save some $. that's the background!

    Here is the problem(s)...
    1. The device now is only capable of Edge Service and the Internet speed is ridiculously slow
    2. I'm unable to send or receive Picture texts and if I get a group text it will not download. I receive a message stating... "Generic network failure"

    I have returned to the MetroPCS store where I paid for the new service countless times for help to no avail! I've sat on the phone with MetroPCS's customer Service for hours just so I could here "Sam" read me the same script over and over in some horrid accent I can not decipher! ugg!

    I have done a little digging on the internet and found this forum... So far what I have learn is the it may be a APN problem but every time someone checks those they correspond correctly to T-Mobile's requirements.

    Thank you in advance for any guidance you maybe able to provide!
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  12. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    I am a sprint user, but want to confirm some things.
    the phone you have is NOT rooted correct?
    did you get the proper SIM card for t-mo/metropcs? I believe those carriers used a SIM card. I cant recall as I have not used this phone in years.

    factory reset. request PRL and account updates through TMO.
  13. Lilredst3

    Lilredst3 New Member

    Best Answer
    The phone is as it came from Verizon with the exception of what Metro did. Metro placed their new SIM card in.


    "HttpHostconnectException:connection to refused "

    Help needed.

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