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  1. WTF

    WTF Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    I'm having a weird problem with data, specifically not being able to access it. I get the following screen after the phone has been on for 5-10 minutes:


    This just started a couple days ago, but I lose all access to data and have to restart the phone to get it back. I have unlimited data on a relatively new Razr Maxx running ICS. I'm not using a lot of data, just around 5 Gigs a month (at about 4 now and my usage has never been an issue).

    Any thoughts? I've been trying to figure this out but no luck so far. There may be a very simple fix that I have overlooked but this is getting frustrating. The phone has worked great up till now...

    Please help!:(

  2. awells527

    awells527 Well-Known Member

    Check your data limit settings.

    Settings -> Data Usage

    If you have a data limit set there, your data limit will stop at that point to prevent overage charges.
  3. festerw

    festerw Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with no data limit set, only fix I found was to set a data limit something like 20gb as the warning level and it'll stop showing up.

    Like you the message started showing up out of nowhere.
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  4. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Just uncheck set mobile data limit.
  5. WTF

    WTF Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my data limit button has never been checked. I'll try checking it and moving the limit way high...hopefully that will fix it. Weird that this just started happening out of nowhere...
  6. festerw

    festerw Well-Known Member

    That would work if it was checked in the first place.
  7. WTF

    WTF Well-Known Member

    Update - followed festerw's advice and this seems to work (thanks!).

    But I have no idea why this issue came up in the first place since I've never checked the limit setting since I got the phone - ugh! I like my Razr Maxx but wish I'd never installed ICS on the thing...there was never any problems with GB...

    OK...rant over:p
  8. QLR1

    QLR1 Member

    Darn, no other work around besides set an artificially high data limit. I also started to receive the notifications when I got past the 4GB usage mark yesterday. I used 6GB in one cycle and I never got this alert (but that was pre-ICS).

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