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  1. JudithPrietht

    JudithPrietht Well-Known Member

    afternoon all

    i get notifications in the pull down top bar when i have new facebook messages; clicking on those brings up the browser and loads

    it always fills the loading bar, says done, but loads nothing but a blank page

    anyone else get this, know how to fix it?


  2. ianramsden87

    ianramsden87 Well-Known Member

    mobile version of facebook is horrendous

    try downloading Bloo from the market it's the best facebook app out there I could find.
  3. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    update to the latest facebook from the market and it will have a built in inbox browser rather than taking you to
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  4. JudithPrietht

    JudithPrietht Well-Known Member

    cheers, new version installed. any idea why there was no update notification of the newer version, as there is for other apps?
  5. Jingizu99

    Jingizu99 New Member

    The version on the market isn't quite the version you are using - they're two slightly different programs. Update to the market version and you'll start getting update notifications after that.

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