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Mobile ID-If I let it install, can I revert to the stock launcher?Support

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  1. Lilkidmom

    Lilkidmom Member

    The Mobile ID Essentials Pack keeps trying to download and install to my phone, often causing my it to reboot in the process. I really don't want this crap on my phone, I am doing just fine with the stock launcher and choosing from the Android Market which apps I want. My question is: if I allow the download and installation in order to eliminate these annoying notifications and random reboots, can I then go back to the using the stock launcher/home screens, or will I be stuck with the replacement home screens/apps in the Mobile ID Essentials pack? This is such a pain!

  2. JediJDC777

    JediJDC777 Member

    Mine won't finish installing, it will only begin using 3G and will hang up around 47%. Forget trying to use Wi-Fi...doesn't even get to 1% and fails. Seems like a big download and don't want to use precious data to even try it out.
  3. megachirops

    megachirops Member

    You can definitely return to the stock launcher after MobileID installs. But you're still stuck with all the junk it downloads. Another option would be to root your phone (if you haven't already) and delete the MobileID app. I did that on both of our phones before I even activated them as I didn't want to deal with the bloat at all.
  4. Lilkidmom

    Lilkidmom Member

    I would love to root my phone and be liberated from all the bloat ware on it, but I am just too cowardly and inexperienced to try it. I can't afford to have a bricked phone. :( I wish there was a professional service place I could take it to who would do it for me, just like when people have to take their computers in for service/maintenance. Oh well....
  5. silver20

    silver20 Member

    So if I delete the MobileID app, it removes the Samsung ID and the VM ID, leaving me with My ID only?
  6. silver20

    silver20 Member

    The root for this mobile couldnt be more simple, if it did it on its own...flashing is what should scare you...


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