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  1. Lilkidmom

    Lilkidmom Member

    The Mobile ID Essentials Pack keeps trying to download and install to my phone, often causing my it to reboot in the process. I really don't want this crap on my phone, I am doing just fine with the stock launcher and choosing from the Android Market which apps I want. My question is: if I allow the download and installation in order to eliminate these annoying notifications and random reboots, can I then go back to the using the stock launcher/home screens, or will I be stuck with the replacement home screens/apps in the Mobile ID Essentials pack? This is such a pain!

  2. Jimmy422

    Jimmy422 Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can go back to the original launcher and everything will be the same. I believe the id pack just changes the launcher to the stock Android one and installs a few apps, and it's almost completely reversible.
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  3. bh0

    bh0 New Member

    Mobile ID comes on the phone and downloads the "essentials package" upon activating your phone. I let it download the essentials package but I didn't install it. I get a daily notification that it's ready to install. It's annoying. I too would just like it gone ... anyone know how to make it go away short of rooting and deleting the package?
  4. AndroidHaCks

    AndroidHaCks Well-Known Member Contributor

    Try going in to Setting/Applications/Manage applications and got to the "All" tab, scroll down to the Mobile ID app and see if can be disabled, it should be where the unistall button would be. If it can't be, just do the same except click "Force stop" every time you reboot your phone
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  5. Lilkidmom

    Lilkidmom Member

    Thanks, this is working for me. Once I force stop it, the notifications cease until I restart my phone. Then I just repeat the procedure.
  6. xclusive585

    xclusive585 New Member

    Well whatever the MobileID install does, it only leaves you with ONE launcher available to choose from; touchwhiz.

    I've tried several times to do this, and there is no way I've found, to revert back to pre-MobileID launcher install, because touchwhiz ends up being the only installed launcher available to choose as an option.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong here. Each time I've tried to install mobileID so I dont get those annoying messages, I end up using CWM to revert back.

    Also, in regards to disabling the MobileID notices? Disabling the app everytime you boot is hardly a solution... I don't have a better option yet, but with a rooted phone surely there must be something I can do...

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