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Mobile internet keeps switching off and wont turn back onSupport

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  1. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member

    Please help!!!My mobile internet keeps switching itself off and I cant turn it back on again. I use the Data Switch togal to turn the internet on and off and I have been using it for weeks with no problems. I have not actually touched it and my internet connection has gone. When I try to turn it back on all the settings show that it should be working bu tnothing happens.I have just turned the phone off and taken the battery out then booted it up again and still nothing.Any suggestions? realy frustrating now :(

  2. Ditt0s

    Ditt0s Member

    I have a similar issue. I installed Android Booster and used the gprs/3g toggle to switch my internet on and off. However, I uninstalled the app but forgot to switch my internet back on. Since then my internet has been STUFFED. I redownloaded Android Booster and another toggle but neither turn my internet back on.

    I phoned my SP and asked them to resend me the internet settings but this failed to make any difference. Clearly there is some setting I can't find? Is it possibly a software issue?
  3. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member

    hi DitosI fixed it but unfortunately had to factory reset the phone. I tried everything else first. I am sure it had something to do with the internet widget I downloaded. I used SMODA a while back then started to get similar problems so unistaled and got a different one (cant remember what its called as I have deleted it now lol)But after the reset everything sems great. Just annoying that I lost all my apps and have to reset everything.I think I will have to do without the internet widget :(

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