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  1. lafoster

    lafoster New Member

    About a month ago my mobile networking stopped working even though it tells me I am connected. I can't go online anywhere unless I am connected to WiFi which is making me upset because I pay for unlimited data but have not been able to do anything when I am away from home. Anyone know how to fix this with me having to get a hold of virgin mobile? Thanks.

  2. V3n0m90

    V3n0m90 Well-Known Member

    I think it is a VM thing. I had the same problem with Optimus V. Get an app/widget that allows you to turn data on and off whenever you want. (Assuming you don't have a ROM that allows you to put a switch in the notification drawer.) If your data connection goes off, turn it off and back on and it will restart it self after a minuter.
  3. MeetTheMets

    MeetTheMets New Member

    I'm experiencing the same issue with the same phone. my Calls and Texts work fine, my mobile network connects and I have a 3G signal up top wth service bars but nothing requiring data loads! no facebook app, no web browsing pages, nothing. It just stays stuck loading and eventually times out. I called VM and I did all the steps they said to do battery pull twice, restart phone, factory reset etc etc. Finally they said they will submit my issue to the technical headquarters and I will receive a call within 4 business days. Anyone know what this issue could be and how I fix it? Thanks very much.

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