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  1. Blown Fuse

    Blown Fuse New Member

    I bought a Galaxy Ace GT-5830i a couple of months ago and have a SIM contract with Tesco. The problem I've noticed is when I try phoning I get the message "Mobile network not available" yet I still have the signal bars showing signal strength. This happens approx every few days. Switching the phone off then back on seems resolve this issue but it is very annoying. Does anyone know what the issue is and is there a fix?

    PS I have also noticed a couple of times I can phone someone, I can hear them but they cannot hear me. Switching off/on seems to fix this too, if only until the next time.

    Any help with either will be appreciated.


  2. akhil prakash

    akhil prakash New Member

    Am also having tis prblm . It is usually seen wen the phone is in very low network area
  3. qashqool

    qashqool Well-Known Member

    Hi, in system settings choose to use only 2G networks and see if the problem keeps. Could be low signal ( is it? :confused:)
    Have you the correct APN settings? ask the carrier.
    Hope I helped

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