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Support mobile tracker registration

  1. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    Hey guys on Samsung drive i registered my Samsung account and all and in the phone the settings are all on..(does this kill the battery??)

    so now on the site it says register mobile phone??

    i want in the help section and it says to add it in the phone in the accounts and sync..

    so i try to add the Samsung account in the sync but it is not there??


  2. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    Not surprising. Much of their software is problematic. They may fix it or not. Call the support line and see what they say to it. I have voice other issues and nothing has been done since the winter when i got my galaxy S
  3. 8291817918

    8291817918 New Member

    how to on a mobile tracker on my android galaxy ace phone?

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