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  1. Chuck1906

    Chuck1906 Well-Known Member

    When I had a Verizon Voyager, I had Vcast and Mobile TV on the phone and I could watch full length episodes of a variety of things. Now that I have the Droid, I cannot find anything other than Are there some apps out there that will allow me to watch TV on my phone? It doesn't have to be live TV. I downloaded a CNN app today and thought I would be able to watch some video clips of some of news stories but the videos wouldn't play on the phone.

    I know about and Flixter but just trying to find something else that will give me access to some more shows or a news outlet like CNN that allows me to watch news on my phone.


  2. SS Freak

    SS Freak New Member has a mobile site where you can watch full episodes of almost all of their shows.

  3. Chuck1906

    Chuck1906 Well-Known Member

    What about slingbox? Is that available for android phones?
  4. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    I just noticed "Jetflicks! TV" in the market. It is a subscription service that promises high quality TV episodes over 3G or WI-FI (the screen shot includes premium shows like "Dexter." I have no idea how good this service is but it does look interesting. So far all the comments are quite positive.
  5. Vorless DarkChaos

    Vorless DarkChaos Well-Known Member

    Jetflicks is really good. There is alot to watch. I just got it and i am planning on upgrading to Annually.
    Check Market on your cell phone and you will see jetflicks has got alot of great comments

    $9.99 Per month
    $19.99 Tri-Monthly
    $29.99 Semi-Annually-By Semi-Annually
    $49.99 Annually-by going Annually you save 66% over the monthly option.

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