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Mobo Task Killer OR Advanced Task Killer ?Tips

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  1. Yangyong

    Yangyong Member

    I have had the "Advanced Task Killer" installed on my Motorola Defy since I first got it about 6 months ago.

    The other day I installed "Mobo Task Killer" which seems pretty good but I wondered if I have to keep both Apps running or should I remove one or the other ? Any advice out there, please ? :cool::rolleyes::)

  2. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Task killers are a waste, some apps will relaunch themselves anyway, uses too much battery. Use the back key or just leave the app & android will stop it after a while, provided it's not needed / not in use.

    You could use a cache cleaning app instead.
  3. olibear

    olibear New Member

    what cache cleaning app do you recommend?
  4. Guinhu

    Guinhu Member

    I'm trying to figure that out as well, but as you can guess I'm still gettin' no where. :D although I've found aCCleaner Pro v1.20 but I have no idea how to use this.:rolleyes:
  5. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Can't really 'recommend' as I only used one, lol,

    I use Cache Cleaner NG, I think there's others but this one does OK. You can set it to clean certain apps or use global setting (home screen widget), or you can set a schedule for auto.

    I swear I've had less problems with apps, like I used to get trouble with the music player, since running this.

    Sorry about my harsh response, task killers are OK if configured properly but I find them a burden, especially when adding new apps & having to add or exclude them from the task kliller manually. I read they're not really needed in Froyo upwards.
  6. HalfAnAndroid

    HalfAnAndroid Well-Known Member

    Can't you use the built in task manager? It is there under task manager in the FroYo update.

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