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[MOD][Colection]All clock colors|Services.jar

  1. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member

    Nearly after 2 days of work today i have come with nearly all clock colors in form of flashable zips :):D:D
    Directly coming to the point, here are the links

    1) For White clock click here

    2) For ICS Blue clock click here

    3) For Dark Blue clock click here

    4) For Green clock click here

    5) For Dark Green clock click here

    6) For Orange clock click here

    7) For Red clock click here

    8) For Purple(cannot show color as Androidforums has nocolor for it :D) clock click here

    9) For Pink clock click here

    10) For Dark Pink(lol..same reason as above :D) clock click here

    11) For Violet clock click here

    Note: The colors embeded in words are not exactly the actual colors and may differ by slight scale

    I think i covered all colors but still if i miss anything then post them here in detail, i mean nearly all standard
    colors are so request ur color with a picture aside which shows the color

    Yeah read my signature :D:D:D

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  2. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member

  3. tanj2011

    tanj2011 Well-Known Member

    Notification clock??..
  4. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member

  5. tanj2011

    tanj2011 Well-Known Member

    Nice work..I use d red 1..n still waitin 4 ur ics theme v3..:)
  6. tanj2011

    tanj2011 Well-Known Member

    Hey d clock font doesn't change if i change the font of my cell..

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