[MOD] Disable CPU Rendering

  1. customizi

    customizi Member

    Thanks to leolawliet over at xda.

    You need a root file manager to do this.
    Also set the permission to rw-r--r-- for the egl.cfg file.

    You need-
    Any root file manager app

    How to install the mod-

    (1) Navigate to /system/lib/egl
    (2) Open egl.cfg and delete the first line. Save your changes.
    (3) Now Delete libGLES_android.so from /system/lib/egl
    (4) Reboot device.
    [Optional] Reboot to recovery and wipe cache and dalvik cache.

    Unlike setting "Force GPU rendering" from developer settings, this mod doesn't make the colors weird.
    Smoother Transitions

    May use more battery.
    May cause force close issues among some apps.

    Hope you enjoy. Again, feedback will be appreciated. Please let me know about any suggestions for this device and I will do my best.


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