[MOD] Gingerbread 2.3 Keyboard w/ working Predictions

Does your keyboard look like the screenshot?

  1. Yes, it is the correct size.

  2. No, it's noticeably smaller.


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  1. mikeydooodie

    mikeydooodie Well-Known Member

    no it doesnt just checked

  2. C0n57an71n3

    C0n57an71n3 Well-Known Member

    No, this fix does NOT survive a full reboot.
  3. nc30012

    nc30012 New Member

    Fix worked for me but did not survive reboot.
  4. mikeydooodie

    mikeydooodie Well-Known Member

    thats weird why wouldnt it do that?
  5. agi$$$

    agi$$$ Member

    I can confirm this fixed my small keyboard issue. Running ApexV
  6. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Is there a LCD density changer that makes the changes permenant?
  7. mikeydooodie

    mikeydooodie Well-Known Member

    yeah the fix works guys but if you do a reboot it will go small again so in the meantime if you have to reboot you have to redo these steps
  8. ECFfighter7232

    ECFfighter7232 Well-Known Member

    It does not survive reboot for me
  9. mikeydooodie

    mikeydooodie Well-Known Member

    240 is the stock density. i dont know why when i moved it up to 300 then moved it down back to 240 why it went normal. it was just done on a whim i had no idea what i was doing lolol
  10. Georgedaballa

    Georgedaballa New Member

    Am i supposed to be on a rom for this to work. I tried 2 times and i got stuck on boot on the M.

    I am rooted with 2.2. Please help/
  11. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Works fine for me, the kb is growing on me.
    Thanks Fab and thank you for the zip for the old one should I tire of the new one.
  12. theninemilly

    theninemilly Member

    I keep getting a force close when I apply this keyboard:

    "The applications Multi-touch Keyboard (processcom.android.inputmethod.latin) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

    I have changed the language in the Multi-touch Keyboard setting to English but still get this forced close.

    Any idea's how to fix it?
  13. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    No, but you have to have recovery bootstrapped first.
    VoidedSaint likes this.
  14. Georgedaballa

    Georgedaballa New Member

    I do have it bootstrapped I don't know what the problem is I did everything correct
  15. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    fab you are the man just want you to know that, i hope we can get a perm fix for the keyboard error, i had a small screen as well but i did the density and wasnt aware once you reboot you lose it, but i rarely restart my phone unless im puttin on a new rom, theme, your stuff, etc, cant wait for more stuff coming from you fab, keep up the good work on getting us all this great stuff.
  16. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Well-Known Member

    Rad! This worked perfectly. I love this keyboard. It feels extremely more accurate. Plus, they added in multitouch finally to default Android keyboard so it seems. :D Thanks Fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb-o-licious! :D
  17. rohitece06

    rohitece06 Member

    Man I cannot get it to work. I have followed each and every possible combination of provided step. I always got a force close. I guess only thing different here is that I am on 2.3.320, the TBH leak.
  18. JustinD2473

    JustinD2473 Well-Known Member

    worked fine for me on the first try
  19. rohitece06

    rohitece06 Member

    Are you on TBH leak i.e. 2.3.320
  20. JustinD2473

    JustinD2473 Well-Known Member

    Yes I am. Running Apex 1.2.1
  21. rohitece06

    rohitece06 Member

    Hmm, I am on fission 2.3, I guess there is some framework issue too. nyways I'll get it when people get 100% success rate with this.
  22. theineffablebob

    theineffablebob Well-Known Member

    On Fission 2.2.2 on 2.3.15, I had the small keyboard issue.
    On TranQ 3.5.1 on 2.3.320, I did not have the issue.
  23. droidSPARX

    droidSPARX Well-Known Member

    downloaded mine on Droid-Life, and mounted system.

    no midget keyboard
  24. mikeydooodie

    mikeydooodie Well-Known Member

    so when we update to .340 everything will be fine, well mine is fine now it just goes back to small on reboot lmfao
  25. mikeydooodie

    mikeydooodie Well-Known Member

    btw i dunno if thats the regular stock sounds when you press keys since ive been using smart keyboard since i got my phone but i love it lolol

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