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[MOD] LG Stock App Stripper

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  1. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    LG Connect Stripper By: Dracconus
    (Special thanks to CWM Team, Kanaida, and MtMichaelson)


  2. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

  3. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    Actually it's not :p
    This is a mod that strips your stock applications, and I even put in the code a part where it says "LG Connect Stripper has started Dancing" Then removes all the apps :p

    So if anything it's highly accurate advertising with the ability of open minded assumption, and you've just got to remove your head from the gutter :p
  4. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Indeed lol won't do me any good though. Haha from the esteem community :p
  5. MotoTriumphant

    MotoTriumphant Well-Known Member

    it removes maps? can I still use my navigation?
  6. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    You can download maps from the market.
  7. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    For the record, since I can't update my post...EVERYTHING that is removed with this is either obtainable through the stock apps collection I listed in the main thread, metro app store, or the google market.
    These are all safe to remove, they just modify what you can/can't do with the phone.
    Obviously taking off maps will remove navigation, as well as places, and Latitude, as they're part of the maps app installation procedure.

    When I say they're safe, I mean that they in no way shape or form prohibit the use of cellular communications, sms, mms, voicemail, voice calls, 4g, 4glte, 2g, or 3g communications.

    They remove miscellaneous features from the phone that certain users may find "undesireable."
  8. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    I can make one for the esteem too, I just need a list of all the apk names of the ones that would be safe to remove.

    Wouldn't take me very long to code it at all.
  9. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member


    We apologize for any inconvenience but the OP has voiced that he will not be supporting these for a bit. As a result, this thread has been temporarily (we hope) closed. We look forward to reopening it soon!

    This has been reopened. Please remember that our forum rules still apply. :)
  10. elbayames

    elbayames Well-Known Member

    can this run on windows xp?
  11. Spec2nirvash

    Spec2nirvash VIP Member VIP Member

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  12. elbayames

    elbayames Well-Known Member

    do you run it before connecting phone to pc?
  13. Spec2nirvash

    Spec2nirvash VIP Member VIP Member

    I'm assuming you're rooted and have a recovery, so MAKE A BACKUP!!! :D

    Use the app stripper as if you were using a root kit:

    Phone plugged in, LG drivers installed, of course...
    USB Debug enabled (in settings> applications> development)

    open up stripper and follow prompts.

    *Just so you know, this will remove a TON of apps!! You will also lose TtsService.apk, which is utilized by speech engine, of course you can always find it online and re-install it if you need it.

    *BACK UP your data just in case, the last step of the stripper will boot you into CWM where you can do a data wipe to maximize the strip, but this is optional. Once in CWM, just hit reboot system if you want to keep your contacts and settings.

    Worked great for my Connect!
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  14. elbayames

    elbayames Well-Known Member

    I get the following error when running it:
    Can not create some of your include files.

    D you know what might cause this error?
  15. Spec2nirvash

    Spec2nirvash VIP Member VIP Member

    I remember it came up with a couple of errors, but apps were stripped anyway. Let it run it's course and check results. It may have worked for you despite the errors :)
  16. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    I would attempt running it as an administrator, and see if that works. If you're using windows 8 (I built this on windows 7) then try running it in compatibility mode, as well as administrator. The reason the include files can't be built is because the system isn't granting the application access to extract the files from itself to create them locally on your desk (a necessary function for this type of application.)

    Also, in addition make sure that the program is coincidentally on your "safe to run" list with your antivirus (disable it if you need to) as some may detect it to be a false positive "dropper.trojan) due to it's function call to drop files from itself to create the ADB.exe file (the server software that creates the connection between your computer and phone.)

    Hope this helps some, and I'll update the main thread to include some information that has been apparently missing that others have pointed out to be "of concern to certain individuals.")

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