[MOD] Sequent PDA Converter

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  1. DBlake

    DBlake Active Member

    Compatible with: SuperROM B13 v2 (might be compatible with stock B13 deodexed, though I'm not sure)

    Hello! This is my first android mod, so please be nice.

    My sequent is out of service (aka I stopped paying) and I wanted to convert it to a PDA (or small tablet). I decided to take things into my own hands.

    What this mod does:
    - Disables the cellular antenna entirely (without airplane mode)
    - Removes the cellular icon from the status bar
    - Removes the "no service" text from the lock screen and notification drawer
    - Removes the "Emergency Call" button from the lock screen
    - Removes all useless phone-related apps (such as Sim Toolkit and Phone.apk)
    - Removes the "Activate this device", "Updates" and "Mobile Networks" entries from Settings

    Known bugs/issues:
    - Upon a fresh flash of SuperROM B13 v2, Hangouts will FC once (the app works fine though)
    - "Enable Data" is still in Data usage (working on it)

    Download: Dropbox (direct) | Mediafire

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  2. AGLtech

    AGLtech Well-Known Member

    Strange. Lol, but I might do this when my Warp 4G arrives since this Sequent is going to my daughter for play
  3. DBlake

    DBlake Active Member

    This mod was made more for my personal use, but I decided to release it anyway. It's good to see it'll be useful for you.

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