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model and apps to replace Palm PDA

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  1. rose stone

    rose stone Member

    [​IMG] Android Forums > Android Discussion > Android Applications [​IMG] Best Palm desktop memo replacement
    I am new and thrilled I found this. I have desperately clung to my Palm PDA and glad to find resources to make a switch to a smartphone able to replace it before it dies. I have 3 special needs kids that I manage along with volunteering at school and running a large support group so there is a tons of information I have to organize on my calendar and memos. I really need to transfer my memos ( with categories), a calendar ( with 5 yes FIVE minute increments, repeatable options, and categories), contacts with categories, and all to sync on a desk top. It is vital that I have the ability to pull up the information by categories to sort out medical data or data by kid. I have been doing that with my Palm forever but the Palm phones are lousy. So these are must haves either with the phone or apps I put on. I would like a phone to get an ereader app. But one thing in my research said that model of phone determines which apps for Android. My server is Verizon and I am using a PC and not a MAC. Any suggestions of model and or apps would greatly help reduce my search time.


  2. Darkseas

    Darkseas Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid that you've not quite understood what you read. What was meant was that some apps will not work with older versions of the Android operating system. If you get a phone with froyo, 2.2, apps currently in existence will work with it.

    There are a few exceptions. The Firefox browser requires a faster processor, ARM7 which not all phones have. Flash isn't supported on many phones. And some service providers won't let you run a hotspot to create your own wireless network.

    Some companies' phones come with different apps loaded than other companies' phones. Most users, however, would gladly get rid of the pre-loaded apps if they could. It's like the craplets that come loaded on a new computer.

    The e-book reader issue is easy. There are both Kindle and Nook apps for Android.

    Palm memos are a problem no one has solved, to the best of my knowledge, except by turning them into text files and loading them up in another application.

    There is just no good way to get a Palm calendar into the Google calendar. It can be done, but with substantial problems. There are better calendars out there, but they're all based on a Google-type system, for the most part.

    There is something called Pimlical that was designed for Palm and has an Android version. Last I looked, it wasn't quite ready for prime time, but if you need those categories, I'd recommend you do a search for that calendar on the web.

    Of course you could always use an old Palm PDA for your calendar and memos, but then you'd have to carry two separate devices.
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  3. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Though I can't recommend a "quick and easy" way to migrate the information, I can't recommend using Google calenders enough. You can create any number of categories (which Google calls calenders), and each will have its own color. They all sync into your device, so once you pick out a good calender app (like Jorte), you'll see everything that you need to. On the desktop, you can go to google.com/calander and type whatever oddball schedule you need, like "7:22pm - 8:01pm dinner", and the website will schedule that in for whatever time you set. There are no limits whatsoever on the device, so you can set your appointments in whatever increments you would like. Just pick you're start and end times.

    As for memos, just use Evernote. Like any of Google's services (gmail, calanders, etc), it can be accessed from any computer out your device. Instead of conventional categories, you assign "tags"to each memo. Foe example, you could create a tag of each person in the support group. Then, evernote can show you all the notes listed by tag (think category, just with a different name). So, every note/memo you create and "tag/categorize as "Bob" will show up under the "Bob" tag when you view them by tags.
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  4. Jim Chapman

    Jim Chapman Well-Known Member

    I am also a former Palm PDA (and smart phone) user. I have been using Note Everything by SoftXPerience on my Android phone mainly because of its ability to import Palm memo files. The instructions are here: SoftXPerience | Import Palm
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  5. davidchsw

    davidchsw Well-Known Member

    I use Note Everything and imported about 10 years worth of Palm memos with categories intact. The only downside is there isn't a desktop component to use with it.

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  6. rdesbris2

    rdesbris2 Active Member

    I've been using CompanionLink and DejaOffice. I had to transfer all my Palm data to Outlook.
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  7. rose stone

    rose stone Member

    Thank you all for you input. I will keep this all in mind.
  8. rose stone

    rose stone Member

    Ryan B,
    Thanks! So if I create the calendars with Google, they will overlay each other so I can view them and see them as one with all the information together once I have the right app? The problem is I have to keep a seizure log for my one son and have been doing it for 10 years. His seizures usually are only a few mins but he can have several in an hour. I also have to log when I give him medication. I have 13 categories now that I use and they all have to go on one calendar.

    Also if Evernote with give me tags and memos within those tags, great! Thanks again!

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