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  1. vincenzaccio

    vincenzaccio Member

    Windows allows me to toggle between Roman font (i.e. the one you're reading now) and Modern Greek.

    Can this toggle facility be added to the Asus eee Transformer, and will the Polaris office suite, and other apps, support it?

    Καλές εύχες

  2. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    sorry dude no help from me, BUT!

    you might want to wander onto the asus support site and log a support call to see what they can do, sounds like it might be part of a software update, but log it with them to see if it can be part of a RFE (request for enhancement)
  3. vincenzaccio

    vincenzaccio Member

    I thought of that... (great minds think alike)

    However, comma, the Asus site only appears to allow people who currently own Asus kit to raise calls and/or questions for FAQs. I want to find out if Greek/Ελληνικα is possible before I shell out some money.

    And... helpfully (not), I can't find a sales question area on the Asus web site. And the Q&A part of their "Facebook" page which suggest "shoot us a with a question and we'll answer it..." provides no gun from which to shoot.
  4. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Is there a Greek version of the keyboard?
    Does android support Greek?

    Those are two different questions, answered by two different companies. (Asus vs. Google).
  5. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    well tell you what vin, imagine your logging a ticket with the Asus support site with your query, post it here and I'll raise it under my name :) ive got several opened up at the moment ;)
  6. vincenzaccio

    vincenzaccio Member

    Eddiewawa, you're a gent. Thanks very much for your kind offer. Here's the text for Asus :

    "Does the Asus eee Transformer provide language support for modern Greek - i.e. allow the typing and display of Modern Greek in its apps, especially the Polaris Office suite? And is there a key-combination to allow the addition of accents to the Greek characters (in Windows, type the semicolon key immediately before a character, applies the accent, ε becomes έ).

    Also ; is there a hot-key toggle between English and Greek (i.e. an equivalent to Alt+right-shift language switching on Windows) to allow the user to switch seamlessly between languages, when a mult-lingual document is being produced?"

    Again, many thanks Eddie.

    AutobahnSHO, there isn't a need for a Greek keyboard itself, as the Greek characters fall under their rough Roman/English equivalents, and I hardly look at the keyboard when I type.
  7. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    Not a problem, as soon as I hear anything will update this post. p.s. ticket is raised, now its a waiting game (might be upto 48 hours before a response)
  8. vincenzaccio

    vincenzaccio Member

    While fishing around, I found a screen-shot of "Language & Input" settings on the Q&A of "Best Buys" (Best Buy Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet / NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor / 10.1" Display - Brown/Black : Questions, Answers, How To, FAQs, Tips, Advice, Answers, Buying Guide), which shows Greek/Ελληνικά.

    And... I found this quote in :

    "Not sure if it's very useful to many others, but I can select another different language ASUS keyboard (e.g. Chinese). To switch between English and Chinese input, I can use Ctrl-Space on the keyboard without touching the notification area to switch language."

    in the Tips section of this web-site (

    So that looks promising.
  9. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    oh yeah...remember seeing that bit...but just got an update...ish

    "Dear Eddie,

    We are checking this with the product engineers and get back to you as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,
    Asus UK Support Team"

    At least they're looking into it I guess
  10. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    so!! this was their reply:

    "There is Greek language support. The support is basic so the key combinations you asked about are not possible."

    not the most helpful, but fraid thats it....anything you want me to add?
  11. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    i actually replied with:

    "is this something the Asus team are looking to develop or can I raise an RFE (request for enhancement) with Asus to develop this further?"

    see if they reply back with something....
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  12. vincenzaccio

    vincenzaccio Member

    I had a feeling that might be the answer. Interesting that there is such a key combination for Chinese (maybe they didn't check with their best "engineers").

    Unfortunately, I suspect it's one answer fits all tablets. Many thanks for posting the query on my behalf.
  13. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    ah ha, interesting, will add that to the arguement too...
  14. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    their reply:

    Hi Eddie,

    At the moment there are no such plans. It is provided as feedback so it might be added at a later stage.

    There is no key combination for Chinese.

    Kind regards,
    Asus UK Support Team

    Vin? mind sending me the link to where you found this out please? or provide examples as a counter argument?
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  15. vincenzaccio

    vincenzaccio Member

  16. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

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  17. vincenzaccio

    vincenzaccio Member

    Thanks for chasing this one up for me.
  18. No_u

    No_u Well-Known Member

    Well I just got the dock today and I'm also completely stunned by the fact that you cannot put accents and stuff on letters... We have quite a lot of words in Dutch that need
  19. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Is it a Dutch keyboard? or is there even one?
  20. No_u

    No_u Well-Known Member

    Dutch keyboards are just qwerty like most. Problem is that I need to be able to make
  21. dcritopoulos

    dcritopoulos New Member

    Go to settings> languages and select the greek language.

    You will see at the bottom of the keyboard how to change from english (el) to greek. Good luck.

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