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Modern phones life span

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  1. softgroups

    softgroups New Member

    I would like to buy an Google phone or an iPhone ...

    my only concern is that am sending thousands of text message every month

    I never had any problems with a cell phone, till now, i got 1 cell phone for 1 year and its still working... but... i am afraid to send so many text message from a cell phone that have a touch screen monitor.

    Won't i scratch the monitor with the time? won't I kill the monitor sensitive ?

  2. boomhower

    boomhower Well-Known Member

    The iphone is screen is glass so you really don't have to worry about scratching it unless you are really careless. The N1 I am not sure but I think it is glass as well. If you are really paranoid you can add a screen protector that are available from a myriad of companies.
  3. blackvyper

    blackvyper Well-Known Member

    No worries.. I was using a touchscreen before the world heard of an iphone (HTC Wizard). I just used a screen protector and it was fine... I have the same thing on my HTC Magic. Relax.. it's an Android world!
  4. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    I have been using touchscreen phones going on 2 years now and they're just as if not more reliable than your standard cell phones when it comes to texting.

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