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  1. cesca1313

    cesca1313 New Member

    Basically I downloaded apps for my Sony j, ended up uninstalling a few. I turned my phone off and back on again and my messages had no names, my phone log was empty and all my contacts had disappeared. I create a new contact and it will say " contact saved " and there is no contact visable. I don't know what to do, dont know if a factory reset will fix this but I don't want to pay to have it fixed. I m uninsured and it's a 3 week old phone. Please help :(

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi cesca1313...

    Welcome to the forum. You might wanna try resetting the phone to see if that fixes the problem. This way it won't cost you anything.

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    Good luck. :)

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