Modified Superwipe for Evo Design 4G

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    I came across this not too long ago and have been using a modified version of it on my Design. It completely wipes your data, system, cache, boot and devlog partitions.

    The first time you run it , it may take 10 minutes to complete as it is doing way more than CWM does.

    If you want to read up more on it check out this link:
    DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE: Easily Wipe Partitions when Flashing ROMs – xda-developers

    This wipe I modified was created by smw6180 who borrowed it from someone else and it goes on and on. The bottom line is that it is a must when going back and forth between ROMS and especially between JB and ICS. I am not claiming to be an expert on this shit, just sharing what I've read and what I've done about it.

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  2. HaydenM

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