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  1. redjeepracer

    redjeepracer New Member

    I really need, does anyone out there know of anyway I can save or "lock" the text messages
    I want to keep and delete the rest? I am desperate for a phone function or an application on the adroid market to help me to do this, please help, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  2. kbearmoney

    kbearmoney Well-Known Member

    Try Handcent. It's free and should get the job done. Go to the thread you want, open it up and "long press" on the messages you want to keep and the option will come up to lock them. Lock everything you want to keep and then hit the back button. Get back to the page where all the threads are listed and "long press" on the name where you're looking to delete messages. A popup will come with options to delete and force delete. Select force delete, and there should be a check box with the option to delete locked messages. Make sure it's NOT checked and hit delete. Everything will go except what was locked.
  3. redjeepracer

    redjeepracer New Member

    Thanks for telling me about Handsent. Its cool and all, and it does have some other options, but it still doesn't give me the option to lock a message on me Moment. I still really need some way to save some texts and delete all the rest. Please help! My phone is having major problems because its choking to death with way too many texts. Most of the texts are junk, but I have to save some and I need to delete the rest to free up the memory on my phone. Please are there any other ideas?
  4. derebigg

    derebigg Member

    like kbear said use handcent, long press the message you want to lock. The lock option is the fist one on the list.
  5. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    I have run handcent since I got my phone and never noticed that. I checked it and as the others have said above me, a long press will bring up a menu and one of the options is to lock the message. I tried it and it works.
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  6. kbearmoney

    kbearmoney Well-Known Member

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  7. exquisite

    exquisite Active Member

    I believe you can lock certain messages even with the stock messaging app that comes with the moment, atleast in 2.1 you can. Works the same way as described above, just long press and it should be the 1st option in the pop-up menu.
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  8. dstran

    dstran New Member

    pushing in & holding on a "message", does allow the lock option...

    however i want to lock an "entire thread"... cannot find how to do this?

  9. htcman724

    htcman724 Well-Known Member

    ya just manually delete your threads.

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