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Moment update, gmail problems, sms backup... I NEED HELP PLEASESupport

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  1. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    Hi guys,

    first off, I figured out that I'm a total dummy when it comes to my Moment... or any other smartphone for that matter. LOL ;)
    Anyways, I never did any of the updates (not even the cl14) because I didn't want to lose all of my text messages. I looked in the market and found an app that's called "SMS backup & restore". I would love to try it because I not only want to back up my txts, but I definitely want to restore them to my phone after that much needed update. The app says it saves the txts on my SD card... and here comes my first major dummy question :confused:: Where can I find that file on my phone? Under file viewer??? It's ok to laugh... ;) Has anyone had any experience with that app? I do not want to lose my saved txts... they are very important to me.
    K, next question... my phone synced all of my contacts with my gmail... yet, I can't find them anywhere when I log into gmail (u should know that I never use gmail, I only have it because of my phone). How can I find them and possibly sync them back to my phone after the update? I'm sooo lost!
    I know the 2.1 update will be coming out soon... so I figured I should definitely get the cl14 first. LOL My phone has been acting kinda funny lately. Like it looses signal out of nowhere. All of a sudden there is a small x in the signal strength box and I'm not able to receive phonecalls. Even though it should have signal. I have to turn the phone off and on again for it to find signal again. Anyone know what this is all about? I already went to the Sprint store... but they weren't much help at all.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm totally lost and am in serious need of help! :D

    Thanks so much!

  2. htcman724

    htcman724 Well-Known Member

    ok so first off run your back up program after its done you can put your sdcard in your computer and you will find a folder that will be marked "backup" your texts will be in there as for your contacts when you do the update,it will wipe the phone clean all you have to do is sign in and all contacts will be put back on.if you need more help let me know.http://androidforums.com/all-things...print-update-utility-flash-custom-kernel.html
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  3. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    Hey htcman,

    thanks again for the help! I did the update and it all worked out well. I didn't screw anything up. lol Backed up all my texts and restored them after the update! Phew! Anyways, I just switched from SMSpopup to Handcent (smspopup didn't work right after the update when I re-installed it). Now I'm trying to get used to handcent and am running into some problems there. Nothing major though and I will search this forum for some answers!
    Anyways, just wanted to say THANKS for the help!
  4. Pretzel.Heart

    Pretzel.Heart New Member

    Can someone tell me how do find and initiate the 'back up program' on the moment.
  5. momentoid

    momentoid Well-Known Member

    You will find the SMS Backup & Restore on the Market.

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