Monitor Website on schedule and send information about result

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  1. fope

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    we are searching an app where we can do the following:
    (I'm not sure if this is technically possible, as I'm not a developer at all)

    Configure a Website we want to open
    Configure a Schedule
    Configure a Mail-Address
    Configure HTTP Get Content to search for

    The app should than do the following:

    Open the website in the defined schedules
    Send an E-Mail with the status of the Website if the defined HTTP contet was found/not found

    Our Goal is to monitor a website if the site is available from a mobile android device. The device will used just for that - no enduser interaction will be done on the device.
    It's fine if this will work for example on an virtual Android Emulator - not a real device at all.
    It's also fine if e-mail is not possible to send an SMS or deliver any other status message we can monitor for.

    Any ideas how much development effort is needed, someone interested in building such an app?


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