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Monthly growing $$$ - vpn wrapper app

  1. dev.null

    dev.null New Member

    Hi All,

    (If you know of other forums where this could be posted, please let me know)

    We are looking to pay monthly according to user base, which will grow astronomically.

    We're looking for an android developer to develop a "VPN wrapper" app. It will:

    (a) download VPN settings and x.509 rsa keys based on the user's name/password

    (b) provide a widget to turn on/off the VPN

    We'll provide the entire server-side that provides the settings, x.509 certs, and of course the end-point of the VPN.

    Please PM me if you're interested, or to ensure you reach me, put "VPN WRAPPER" in an email to: dev dot null dot 1970 at gmail dot com



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