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  1. NuggetBrain

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    Dec 6, 2009
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    So I LOVE the LightningBug app, I used to sleep with those kinds of things on. The nature sounds are so soothing. Am I right in assuming though, that if I leave the app running all night (even with it plugged in) it will sap my battery, or at least not be good for the phone?

    Also, is the 2.0 upgrade going to enable better synching between e-mail accounts and the Eris? For example, I have my hotmail set up through the POP (I think). And I can pull up e-mails that have come in, but when I delete them on the phone, it doesn't reflect that in the hotmail account. I also can't pull up any old messages or folders in the hotmail account. Will the upgrade fix this?


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