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  1. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    How many of you had your alarm clock activate an hour late this morning? My alarm, set for 6:30 did not go off until 7:30. The clock displayed the correct time - I was up at the new 3:30 this morning and it showed the correct time then. Good thing I was getting off work this morning and not coming on. I would have been in big, big trouble.

  2. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure it went from 5:59 to 7 cross Verizon controlled phones (same thing happened on mine, I have no control over the phone time (Xperia Play))

    Same thing also happened on my wife's M100 commando.
  3. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    that's a stupid time to make a system time adjustment, why not do it when it's supposed to happen - 2am becomes 3 am. I'm quite sure the clock was right at 3:30 unless the mdc in the truck didn't update at the right time either.
  4. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

    That's my guess, because we had an alarm set for 6am that it totally skipped. I know there were similar problems the other way when it was time to fall back.
  5. dodgef25

    dodgef25 Well-Known Member

    This morning the clock was updated correctly and the alarm went off correctly at 6:10am when I needed it.
  6. Turkeyisgewd

    Turkeyisgewd New Member

    I was up at 4:30 am and mine was up to date at that hour.
  7. Furrner

    Furrner Member

    Same here at 4.30 EST

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