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More conspiracy theories

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  1. yahoowizard

    yahoowizard Well-Known Member

    Is Samsung purposefully holding off on a Froyo update?

    Basically an article, mostly focusing on the Vibrant, about how Samsung might be holding back an update on the Galaxy S phones, maybe to get more people to buy their newer lineup of phones. Overall, I am pretty glad that people are paying more attention to this issue and it's gone to a point where we can say almost for sure that the delay isn't something purely technical...

  2. Digital Legend

    Digital Legend Well-Known Member

    I said over and done with Samsung a couple months back. They are not displaying much respect to its current customers so I have decided they will never see another dollar from me, hence 2 weeks ago I laid a grand out for A Sony TV instead of A Sammy.
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  3. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Well-Known Member

    I wanted to agree with this at first, but then I remembered how badly some of the Samsung Froyo upgrades have gone and I remembered that Samsung just sucks at making quality phones or providing quality support, so I am certain that they are having trouble not screwing up the software upgrades.
  4. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    To be honest.. given samsungs history of product support and upgrades.

    If they ever even come out with any 2.2 update at all..

    It will be a major redeeming factor for me.

    I think it will be to late for a lot of the users here..

    But, it will show that they do at least to some degree realize updates are needed.

    With that said, I bought my Captivate knowing full well samsung is 6 months behind on updates and may never show..

    Android and at&t haven't seen eye to eye in the past... So, I think that even *IF* samsung had wanted to push the update.. it wouldn't have done much good until the last few months anyway.

    Besides.. with the problems the captivate has had.. I imagine they are over stressing on the issue.. worried if froyo isn't perfect its the end for em..
  5. Cuerbo

    Cuerbo Well-Known Member

    Samsung could have taken the high road and provided updates along the way, people would have understood. It's the lack of communication that will sink them and their products. The GPS issue should have been addressed in a better way and even after the so called update, a lot of owners are still having issue with their phone.

    Add to this the lack of knowledge their support team displays each time you call them, it's a recipe for disaster. A shame, cause the Captivate has a ton of potential and could of been a phone with a lot of following. I returned mine 3 months after getting it but I remember how much it impressed me when I first bought it. Overtime those feelings changed but not because of the phone but the lack of support.
  6. Android26

    Android26 Well-Known Member

    I'm not trying to attack anyone or any post in this thread. I would just like to say (from my perspective):
    You all knew what you were buying when you purchased the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. And if you didn't then that's your fault. It really is. You should have done your homework beforehand. You could've easily read online for yourself that the phone had lag or GPS problems. If the sales rep who sold you your phone promised a froyo update, its still your fault, not his/hers. As a technology consumer these days, you have no reason not to already know more about the product you're purchasing than the salesman. And news flash: we bought ECLAIR. If FROYO was such a necessity, you should've waited for a stock 2.2 phone you wanted. Honestly. I really don't understand why anyone would willingly buy Samsung and then complain like this.
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  7. Infinite-t

    Infinite-t Well-Known Member

    Yea, I still lurk around here, from time to time. I saw this and had to chip on my 02.

    Yea, people who recently got their Captivates could have done more homework and found out it had "issues". But the pricipal to all this is SAMSUNG F'd UP and then LIED. Yea, the GPS is STILL messed up. It's been broken since day one, they said they would fix it. They even released an update that Samsung claimed had the "fix" (or optimization) and it didn't do jack shit for most people, and some were even perma-bricked. Every one of their "support" staff tells a different story, tells customers different things and none of them have happened.

    Then they pump out Googles new "flagship" that doesnt even have support for a microSD card, doenst support "4g", BT2.1 (down from the 3.0 of the SGS), etc.

    I dont think Samsung really gives a damn. They sold 10 million of these things.. so they got it made. They sell tons of TVs, cameras, computer parts, microwaves, etc. not to mention all the parts they sell to other manufacturers, like screens, processors, chips, etc. If a few of their products have a minor glitch, oh well.. they just move on.

    All this being said, Samung PROMISSED a gps fix, they promissed 2.2 (even though they never gave a real date), and so far, half a year later, they have delivered nothing.

    The real people who got fuct by all this are the folks who, like me, purchased our phones in the first few days, or weeks. Many of these issues werent widely known and seemed random. Especially the GPS, since most people reported their GPS worked fine for the first few days or so. Then before our 30 days were up, Samsung burst in and said, "Hang on guys, we are working on a fix! We promise!" and most of us in that boat ran out of our 30 day return period waiting on the promissed update. When it came, and didnt fix the issue, we were all stuck. Either you had to hold on and believe old uncle sammy would come thru for us, or cut your losses and move on. I was able to sell my Captivate, spare Batt, extra cords and dock for 300.00, i roughly got my money back, then spent 500 on my unlocked Desire Z (very nice BTW).. but if I didnt have the funds for it, I'd be stuck with a partly dumb smartphone and an empty promise to fix it.

    It isn't too wild n crazy to expect something to work out of the box. It is even less wild and crazy for a big company like Samsung to make right and fix it AS THEY PROMISSED.

    In closing F Samsung, I will never buy an other of their products. The Atrix looks like it will be a GOD (march 1st baby), if you can still return your CRAPtivate, do it! If you can sell it, do it. If you are content with what you have and dont care that Samsung has cheated and lied to their customers, then go on buying in to what they do. They have are soon releasing a new SGS phone on AT&T just for you! Im sure it will have a few bugs that never get fixed and they will probably "forget" to support it with updates and new features they promise! If you are a bit strapped for $$ and cant afford to drop more $$ for a real smartphone, im sorry for you, but maybe check out a custom ROM like Cognition 3.0. It does a pretty good job of fixing most of Samsungs F'ups.

    Sorry to sound a bit harsh, but it is not directed at any individual here. It is directed solely at the guilty party. A large, wealthy worl wide corporation that has screwed over (again) its paying customers with faulty products and empty promises.
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  8. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    You know.. thats called "EARLY ADOPTION"

    And again.. if you do your research as the user above stated.

    You would know that early adoption ALWAYS has a chance of things ending up exactly the way they have now.

    At the end of your 30 days it doesn't matter what anyone says, if your not happy with it, thats the product your stuck with as in hopes of a fix should you not take it back!

    I am not trying to sit here and bash you..

    but, what really bothers me is your praising the atrix BEFORE it is even out.

    You didn't learn from the captivate that you should wait on a review?

    I am not trying to bash you but, the person who posted you have to do your research is 100% right.

    If you chose to get the product early, you are the one gambling, and you decided it was "ok" to stick around and see what happens on the 29th day.

    Samsung itself has a history of not providing timely updates ever.

    I wouldn't be as bothered by your post if you weren't so gung ho for the atrix when it has a chance of ending up worse than the captivate.

    Has everyone forgotten at&t screwed up non iphone updates BEFORE android ever got on at&t?
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  9. Dr.StainedGlove

    Dr.StainedGlove Well-Known Member

    Samsung has released the nexus s with gingerbread and the new vibrant with froyo.. and still there are people who give them the benefit of doubt and think they are just working out the bugs?
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  10. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Well-Known Member

    The Nexus S was released with stock Gingerbread, no Touchwiz, no Samung or AT&T software. There was nothing for Samsung to do, Google already did it all. They have not relased the Vibrant 4G with Froyo yet, it was only announced.

    I'm definitely not giving them the benefit of the doubt, I am saying their software development department is equal to high schoolers in their first computer programming class. This is evident based on the fact that they have had failed Froyo releases that have actually bricked phones.
  11. Dr.StainedGlove

    Dr.StainedGlove Well-Known Member

    It hasn't been released but it is ready to roll.. which means they have froyo that works on these phones at least as good as eclair did on the original. :-\

    I just want the devs to have an official final.release to work with.. and fix
  12. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Well-Known Member

    OK, first you said released, now you say ready to roll even though Samsung or T-mobile didn't have a functional one at CES. I think you might be making up your "facts". We saw more of the Motorola Atrix at CES and it should be released in March.

    I'm not giving a pass to Samsung on this one, I am just saying that all signs point to their stupidity as the reason for not releasing Froyo, not a conspiracy.
  13. Dr.StainedGlove

    Dr.StainedGlove Well-Known Member

    Ok..semantics.. rereading my first post I realise I left a word out.. regardless.. they have the thing.. they have had the thing.. and the conspiracy term in the op is probably used a bit lightly.. we are talking about corporate strategy.. its not a stretch to say they could be holding back when they have a phone that is almost identical running 2.2. That is my point. I doubt they are just stupid. That would be a stretch..
  14. GreatBigDave

    GreatBigDave Well-Known Member

    Y'know, I have to stop reading these forums. All it does is angry up my blood when I see that my Captivate doesn't have Froyo yet. And yet, my phone works well. Go fig.
  15. Snow904

    Snow904 Active Member

    the vibrant was my first jump on the android smartphone wagon i came from ordanry cell phones so I had no clue what I was buying when it came to stores, although the vibrant finnally got the 2.2 in I still feel like it forcably made. Its not really polished and some of the bugs are still there but my main concern is that why wait to release froyo a month ahead of the galaxy s 4g phone that comes with froyo on it which in this case is the same froyo tht the vibrant just got... were samsung and tmo pushing the delay so they can get more current owners a reason to switch over to the 4g which should have been the "vibrant" of last year? conspiracy or not its bad business and how much you wanna bet that the gps will still be a problem on the 4g knowing samsung all they did was use the same exact hardwere and only added a FFC to the damn thing so it can be "complete"

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