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  1. ankitbahri

    ankitbahri Member

    Hi Guys

    Was just surfing and saw many queries being put for wi-fi etc. i would like to put another query.

    My wifi works fine and when i turn 3g on the browsing is also good. But the problem is with data network On, i cant run applications like whatsapp, gtalk and even GPS! This is really frustrating coz i'm a regular user of the above apps (what is the need for GPS if i can work it only with wifi!! :eek: ) and what is more frustrating is that my friends are using these same apps on 2g!!!!

    i somehow think it is related to my system settings, is there any way i can check these settings and see if it can be resolved? Or factory reset is the only option and hope the settings are right?

  2. ankitbahri

    ankitbahri Member

    no feedback :eek:

    i was in another part of the country and whatsapp worked. When i came back home, again it stopped!

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