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More love for T-Mobile - MotoRoi anyone?

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  1. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

  2. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

  3. kbayer

    kbayer Well-Known Member

    ...got my eye on it as well!!!!!!!!!

    HAMMERIN HANK Active Member

    I just bought the motoroi last night. My initial impressions place the phone as the best mobile phone I have owned in the 5 years I have lived in Korea. I know that people generally have the impression that phones in Korea are technologically superior to phones in the west but this is only a half truth. While free mobile television is considered very basic here, up until the motoroi, koreans have been far more limited in features that others would consider essential. This is only the second phone (the first was the samsung blackjack w/ windows mobile OS) that I can actually click and drag an mp3 file and play, which I consider absolutely amazing. Phone companies here have been very adamant about controlling (profitting) from the content (ring tones, music, video) delivered to their phones and every phone company requires media content be sent to phones via their proprietary content delivery system, evenc converting files was not an option. My other phone (Omnia AMOLED) was a breakthough in Korea, as it was the first phone that was DIVX capable, before that if you wanted to watch a movie on your phone, you had to maneuver through a very user unfriendly (all korean) UI on your PC to transfer video files to one's phone. With the release of the Motoroi, all that has come to a much awaited end. I can watch movies, use the phone as a DIVX player via the HDMI out on my 150"
    projector or my flat screen televisions. I was concerned that the processor might not be able to handle everything I throw at it, but so far so good... their has been no lag in the UI and it plays media very smoothly. The 8mp camera takes fantastic pictures but Korean are used to having very capable cameras in their phones, although the xenon flash is a distinctive feature and although I have not been able to use it enough to adequately measure how much of an advantage it is over the standard LED flash, the pictures I have taken using the flash have come out looking very well lit. Although I am not throwing out the camera just yet while on vacation, after a few more pictures on the motoroi, it is very possible that I will be confident in carrying the phone as a camera. Downloading applications over my wifi are very quick ~350kb/s and websurfing is a pleasure (pinch zooming, smooth scrolling, horizontal viewing), while my experience with other phones has been at best tolerable. Two minor gripes... 1) larger Youtube clips tend to start off well but mid-clip buffering time is excessive (~15--25 seconds) 2) battery life is relatively short when all the bells and whistles (gps, wifi, bluetooth) are engaged, but this does not come as a surprise and is par for the course. Video and pictures of the phone do not do it justice, it is much slimmer and a bit lighter than I expected. I give the Motoroi an enthusiastic endorsement and thank motorola for finally letting me watch movies and listen to music without having to lug around another PMP device! I am absolutely ditching the PMP and there is a very good chance that I will lose my camera also. 3 devices in one!
  5. nutley

    nutley New Member

    ahhh thats good news. can you tell me does the korean version have the english language as an option? Thinking of buying one for use in the Uk.
  6. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    after seeing some videas of the Motoroi in action, I kinda lost faith in it... big and bulky. The back is hideous. OS seemed kludgy - maybe that was just a pre-production issue, but i'm wondering if because of Motorola adding something to the OS - their own customizations. I like the Nexus for it's Android pureness - as Google intended. For that reason, I'm back on the Nexus and likely won't even consider the Motoroi.

    HAMMERIN HANK Active Member

    Yep, the korean language one does have english. Totally english language compatible, not just partially. But they cost around 850usd with current exchange rate. Koreans telcos are regulated heavily (and it doesnt hurt their bottom lines) from offering substantial subsidies. But as Korean conglomorates and the government are often deeply and confusingly intertwined, maybe its the telcos regulating the government to heavily limit subsidies... just throwing it out there. If you are interested, Maybe find out if the phones frequencies are compatible, and I would be happy to get one and send it to you at cost. Since we have bought 4, I am pretty confident I can get a discount, and the store is in a department store about 50 metres away from my apartment. But I think you would be able to get an unlocked one for much cheaper if you wait until its released in Europe. Then again, I had a phone in London that I bought unlocked for a business trip and it wasnt much cheaper. (It might have had more to do with the KRW getting pounded by the sterling.)

    As far as my motoroi craze, I think I have documented it in pretty great detail in another thread - http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid/39295-droid-vs-motoroi.html

    If you have any questions, feel free.

    HAMMERIN HANK Active Member

    here are pics of it with english menu and in its pakcaging

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  9. cornbread0715

    cornbread0715 New Member

    I want to know if this phone is able to be rooted ?
  10. cornbread0715

    cornbread0715 New Member

    how is that prada 2 i see you are like me i am also living in seould and have had almost all the best phones they have to offer!!!

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