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  1. mcgraham89

    mcgraham89 Well-Known Member

    This phone is starting to get some reviews over at the VM Site which might be useful for people interested in this phone. It still hasn't hit the Brick and Mortar stores yet.


  2. VM Jon

    VM Jon Member

    Any idea when it will finally hit stores? I'll be getting one shortly and would much rather just walk in to Walmart than wait on shipping and all that jazz. I just want to be done with this POS Venture ASAP. Crappiest Android ever.
  3. trebor7

    trebor7 Member

    I asked best buy when the Rise was available to trade in my Elite and they said Sunday September 21. I assume this is for all third party retailers, but I could be wrong.
  4. mcgraham89

    mcgraham89 Well-Known Member

    If you can hold off you're definitely better off getting it from a Brick and Mortar store than VM online. Their customer service is terrible in my opinion, especially the return process. You won't have to pay for shipping, and you can get your refund on the spot at a retail store.
  5. VM Jon

    VM Jon Member

    Oh yeah, I'm going through that right now with the Venture. It takes forever this way, but I'm handling the return through e-mails with VM customer service. They only reply once a day which sucks. Still better than the phone reps I guess. Sucks I have to pay probably $10 shipping to get my $40 back on this crappy phone, too. I mean, this phone should have never even made it to market. The screen feels like it could make you go blind and I went to sleep the other night playing I Heart Radio and woke up with the phone so hot it almost burned my skin! (PCD Venture not the Rise).
  6. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    Is it me or does this phone freeze sometimes? I have it frequently now.
  7. mcgraham89

    mcgraham89 Well-Known Member

    During the 2 1/2 weeks I owned this phone, I did not have any freezing issues at all.
  8. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    Hmph. Weird. I dont know what can be causing this. I have five widgets on my homescreen and 8 shortcuts........ so....
  9. Uriel95

    Uriel95 Member

    I've been getting some freezing then reboots :/ I wonder what causes that. Great phone by the way ^_^

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