Most Apps can't write to SD card on new phone

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    1.) Model Number Bird/Star V1277
    2.) Firmware Version 4.0.4
    3.) Baseband Version MAUI.11AMD.W12.22SP.V7
    4.) Kernel Version 3.0.13
    5.) Build Number 1009T_121108_OV5647_ICSV1.3_VO8_COM_EN

    I have a BIRD V1277 ( Google-plays name ) or Star running ICS .I bought it on amazon with the title Android 4.0 MTK6577 Dual Core 1.0GHz direct from china .

    I've had this phone for a few weeks and I've been very happy with it up until now .Recently I installed a Satnav app that I like to use.But the apps says I do not have enough space on my phone to install a offline map that I use . Basically the app isn't installing the maps on the SD card, like it did on my previous phone running Ginger-bread .,instead trying to install it on the phones internal memory.

    This seems to be the case with most of my apps .Though the android cam/video stores it's data to the sd card .

    I've read about a similar problem with a another android phone.So is this a phone specific issue or what ?

    Any help appreciated .

  2. Made_in_womb

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    Any help here guys? Are all these issues I'm having with Android apps ,because of ICS not allowing APPS excess to the SD card?were these apps designed to write the data on the SD card? .

    I've sent a few messages to app developers (Apps I've paid money! for that now don't work on ic!) but just like this forum received no reply as yet .

    Will most of these not recording /saving Data issues be resolved if I root this phone?

    Or would I be better going back to Ginger Bread thus maybe get all my old apps recording data to the SD card again ?.
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    The apps are programmed to write to certain locations, whether it be internal or external memory. My app writes its data to external memory and it works on ICS (but the app does need the "WRITE_EXTERNAL_MEMORY" permission). So it's not an ICS issue. I'd use an app like app2sd to try to move apps to the sd card and maybe clear out the app cache so you have more room in your internal memory.
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    Hi Made_in_womb (I like your name, btw) :D

    Welcome to the forums (belated)!

    Sorry you had to wait a while for an answer. To be honest, I have zero knowledge about your phone. I did, however, try to search for the answer. The only thing I found is a how to root thread in XDA. Just like what DANPLC said, you might want to try Apps2SD but I believe that app requires root.

    Here's the link I found. I suggest you read the entire thread for more info. Like I said, I don't really have much to offer in experience with your phone. :eek:

    Alternatives from rooting is trying to clear some cache from apps so you can free up some space. There are apps for that and you can also do it yourself. I would first look at your browser cache if you use the browser a lot.

    Hope this helps...a little.
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    Ok guys thanks for the help .I do have installed Apps2sd .Though when I click on apps that show up under "movable" ,all I get is the option to move to "phone storage".

    It's not just a matter of not having enough space on my phones internal memory.Some apps just don't work on this new phone and I'm pretty sure it's down to the change with the android OP rather than any hardware issue .

    As an example, Tunein Radio pro records to the phones internal memory ,but has a major error ( records only about 600kb of the stream only,even though on the interface it continues to show up as recording ).This feature worked flawlessly on old phone with Gingerbread installed and it's why I bought the pro version, so is rather frustrating .

    And thanks for the link .I will give rooting a try .
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