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  1. Hesacon

    Hesacon New Member

    So I went into Quickpic earlier expecting to see all my photos, and mysteriously 95% of them went missing, but not all of them. After booting up ES and other file explorers I couldn't find them. I hook the phone up to the computer and they're still missing. I pull up my favorite undelete program and there they all are, deleted but still there. The undelete program just finished and didn't seem to work. I had copies of all of them elsewhere.

    But what I'm left wondering is why they all suddenly disappeared, I haven't done anything to the phone in recent weeks, I installed Cyanogenmod a few months ago and everything has been working like clockwork.

    So what I'm left with is:

    1) 95% of photos disappeared
    2) The ones remaining seem random at best
    3) They all appeared as deleted on my card and my basic run-of-the-mill undelete program restored them, but they are still missing
    4) ONLY photos seem to be missing

    I am running:

    1) Rooted HTC Incredible
    2) Cyanogenmod 7.0 stable
    3) Sandisk 32 GB microSD card

    So what actually happened to the photos? I didn't delete them and nobody else has access to my phone. I'd prefer not to have to restore them again and a quick google and forum search hasn't given me much to go on what actually happened. The best I found was something about using a non-brand name card, which I dismissed because I've never had trouble with sandisk before.

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Anything from a software to a hardware failure can cause that.
    No sd card has a zero risk of becoming corrupted and experiencing data loss. So either some software/ROM caused the files to be lost or the card itself just went bad in that sector. Usually when a sd card fouls up it effects more data than that, but not always.

    Just be glad you were able to recover them.
  3. Ed Zachary

    Ed Zachary Member

    The SD card in the Boss Lady's DINC has unseated a couple of times.
    Each time, her pics mysteriously disappeared (she has her phone set up to save pics to the SD card).
    First time it happened, I took the back off the phone and pushed in on the SD card. Somehow, it had become unseated. Phone was showing no SD card, as well.
    Had to change settings back to saving to the SD card since the phone, thinking none was present, had set itself to saving to memory.

    It's a stretch, but could your SD card be unseated?
  4. Hesacon

    Hesacon New Member

    Unfortunately that's not it. Everything on the SD card (movies, books, music, etc.) remained there, so if it was a failure of the SD card, it was a very selective failure of just photos (and even then, not ALL photos). The photos missing were maybe 10-15% of the total data contained on the card.
  5. hancock87

    hancock87 Well-Known Member

    This same thing happened to me. TWICE. I ran a program and was able to restore all of the deleted pictures. This happened to videos too. I've been wondering the same thing. The pictures that were saved to my sd card weren't deleted. But, like you said, only about 95% of them were deleted. The ones left seemed to be very random. Help?

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