Most protective case for S3?Tips

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  1. The-Stig

    The-Stig Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    I have just got my mits on a Samsung S3 and am now looking for a case, but as there are so many Im getting bamboozled by choice!

    If anyone has opinions on the best protection:style ratio I would love to hear about it.


  2. Raistlin1158

    Raistlin1158 Well-Known Member

    Otterbox for protection but not very stylish, I use this:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 TPU Case - Clear - SAMGSVTPUCL

    This case is perfect, it looks classy and enables me to enjoy the colour of my phone.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 TPU Case - Clear - SAMGSVTPUCL
  3. Danzo337

    Danzo337 New Member

    Otter Box protected my BlackBerry for a good 2 years until I crushed my phone in my car door.

    Really is a life saver, people might say it's bulky, but the commuter line to me is very adaptable. From experience with otter from blackberry to the s3, my relationship with these cases has been great.

    They've really mastered the art of a functional case, the rubber they use is skin tight, the polymer case is extremely durable while leaving the corners exposed to the rubber skin. Anyone who has dropped a phone knows that the impact tends to be in the corners.

    Best feature of all is the raised border. Which allows you to put your phone face down. Hands down, most useful feature of the case; as you sit in a social setting, you can avoid being tempted to look at your phone, while still having the comfort of having the phone next to you.
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